5 Easy Skincare Tips For Men

Here are 5 easy skincare tips for men plus four common products that should be replaced with natural versions. It's important for a man to look after his skin and the changing attitudes around this subject. This week we give men five easy to do skincare tips to incorporate into your daily routine:

1) Use a moisturizer that's specially formulated for the face. Special note: try to find one that has a nano particle-free sunscreen included.
2) Moisturize morning and night. This will help prevent cuts and irritation while shaving. You should look out for moisturizers with naturally hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, calendula, and aloe vera.
3) Exfoliate once or twice a week. If you are prone to ingrown hairs from shaving, then exfoliation will help prevent the problem by getting rid of dead skin cells that can block pores that then cause ingrown hairs.
4) Throw away your acne products and opt for an organic or all-natural alternative that isn't too harsh for your skin. Most acne treatments, because they are too harsh, will dry out your skin leading it to produce more oil, which then leads to (you guessed it) more acne.
5) Stop washing your face with soap. Soap has a very high pH level which dries out your skin. Try getting a specially formulated facial cleanser instead. Following these easy steps will get you started on the right track to looking after your manly skin!

Guess what, men? You have skin too! And it needs to be looked after just as much as a woman's! This is because it doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man; healthy skin is a fundamental part of looking great. And we all want to look great, right? Right! The fact is that a man's skin will benefit from cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and wearing sunscreen just as much as a woman's will. The problem is that it's possible that most men still think that a bar of soap is all they need to clean their body and face. The chances are that not many men out there have a regular skincare routine, complete with products specially selected for their skin type.
"According to NPD's Men's Grooming Consumer Report, over 9 in 10 men (18+) use some sort of grooming product....However, only 1/4 of men currently use facial skin care products...." Source
The good news, however, is that attitudes are changing.  This is because the stigma attached to men who cared for their skin is disappearing. These days, skin care is no longer just a woman's concern; this is in part due to the societal pressure that is now on men to take better care of themselves. Men are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the health of their skin and what is in the products that they are using.

Some facts about a man's skin:

  • Because of testosterone, it's 25% thicker, and the texture is tougher compared to a woman's skin.
  • You have higher collagen density in your skin than a woman.
  • Because of the 2 points above your skin ages slower than a woman's. This means you may not need to use an anti-aging product until later in life.
  • Testosterone also causes your skin to be more oily (hence you're increased tendency to suffer from acne breakouts)
  • You have larger pores, which may be prone to clogging.
  • You have more ingrown hairs on you face, due to regular shaving.

Why should men go all-natural and organic with your skincare?

Just like women and children, more and more men are starting to react to the synthetic chemicals that are used by many mainstream male grooming brand products. Therefore turning to all-natural and organic skin care formulations just make sense. It is the next logical step that men would take to control what their bodies absorb through their skin. Organic and all-natural products mean little to no toxins for the body to deal with, which ultimately leads to healthier skin.

Did you know that switching to organic products will help you prevent Razor Burn?

Nearly 80% of men say shaving irritates their skin. But did you know that razor burn is actually in most cases 'product' burn? This is because many of the mainstream products that are designed for men are poorly formulated and contain a host of irritating ingredients such as benzaldehyde and propylene glycol. What these ingredients do is make your hair follicle and skin swell, (which forces the hair up and away from your skin) all in the name of helping you achieve a 'closer shave.' The problem is that the resulting irritation and swelling can cause some of the hair to be hidden, this then makes it harder for your stubble to find its way out. And viola! Ingrown hairs! Shaving with a razor abrades your skin, and then you typically splash on an aftershave lotion (filled with more irritating ingredients such as ethyl acetate and linalool) on your broken skin. It's like you are splashing chemicals on an open cut or scrape -- ouch! This is where swapping to organic and all-natural products comes to the forefront because they tend to be mild and won't irritate your skin (even if you do have an abrasion). men's razor

What are 4 common products that you are using that you can replace straight away?

  • Shaving cream -A gentle organic or all-natural shaving cream can even help you to avoid the dryness and razor burn that often accompanies shaving.
  • Deodorant -Men sweat. To combat these traditional deodorants are packed full of active chemicals such as aluminum. Go organic and avoid Alzheimer's, brain disease and possibly cancer.
  • Face Wash - Ditch the SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which could harm your fertility and use something more natural like pure olive oil soap, an organic or all-natural face wash, or even plain water.
  • After Shave - Regular after shave has a host of dangerous ingredients (some mentioned above already), try using something as simple as fresh aloe vera gel. It can soothe irritation, is cooling and is 100% natural!