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Organic Aloe Vera Juice for Calming

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Skin-Calming Aloe Vera

Scientific Names {Organic Aloe Barbadensis Juice}

Common Names {Aloe, Aloe Vera, Aloe Extract}

Part of plant used {leaf, inner leaf}

The uses for Aloe Vera are endless. It has been used since ancient times to soothe the pain of sunburns and burns sustained from fires. Aloe is naturally cooling and has therapeutic properties. Today, it is a common ingredient in balms and lotions. It can even be added to make up to help calm easily irritated and sensitive skin. It is also commonly added to shaving cream to help eliminate the sting of razor burn. Aloe's superior ability is to provide long-lasting hydration.

You can find it in many forms, from gels and powder to juice. It is mainly cold-pressed. This is where the "jelly" is extracted from the leaves. However, the gel may be freeze-dried to produce a powder. This spiny, threatening looking plant stores moisture in its leaves, where it mixes with minerals, hydrators, and nutrients. Aloe Vera is easy to use; you can take the leaves, cut them open and apply the juice. It is grown mostly in the hot deserts. This plant is barbed to protect it from predators looking to get at its store of water.

Besides its nutritive power, aloe vera is a natural antiseptic agent. When added to face lotions and makeup, it helps to improve facial clarity. The hydration of polysaccharides including Acetyl Mannans, the gel is one of the best natural moisturizers available. The gel form without preservatives is the optimal format that your skin much prefers.

Aloe Vera uses include:

      • Alleviating the itch or pain of bug bites
      • Calms rashes and eczema
      • Mixed with organic salts or sugars, a refreshing body scrub
      • Soothe sunburns
      • Takes the sting out of a grease burn
      • Improves facial clarity
      • Non-greasy hydrating lotions
      • Reduces redness

Green organic aloe vera juice leaves

Some even consume aloe vera orally, for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve an upset stomach, increase circulation, and even strengthen teeth. Aloe can also be applied directly to the face. Aloe is a wonder plant has so many uses. It can be applied topically just about every part of the body. Aloe can even be used internally, to soothe irritation and improve. It moisturizes, leaving skin looking bright and your hair looking shiny and beautiful. Check out more organic skincare ingredients today.

Aloe Vera is a plant that typically grows in hot climates. These spiny, cactus-like plants contain moisture inside. That moisture why it is used in many skincare products. The reason aloe vera is so widely used is that of its calming and soothing properties. People most commonly associate aloe vera with sunburns, as it is often used to soothe the heat and pain from these burns. But sunburns aren’t the only use for this natural, hydrating plant. Aloe is used in lotions, balms, shaving creams, rash creams, etc. Products add aloe to refresh the skin and alleviate pain and redness from many skin concerns. It's cooling, and restorative properties make it a great product to include in all kinds of skincare products. People use aloe in some home remedies to treat different ailments including

      • burns
      • asthma
      • eczema
      • psoriasis
      • constipation
      • coughing
      • diabetes
      • headaches
      • ulcers
      • mouth sores
      • cold sores
      • bloating
      • discomfort
      • stress

Years ago people often kept aloe vera plants in their homes to use for these home remedies. When someone was burned, or their skin was irritated, the simple solution was to cut off a piece of the plant and use the natural aloe gel inside to soothe the injury. Now Aloe Vera liquids and gels can be easily purchased in packaged bottles and tubes from the store. These retailed versions of Aloe Vera are often not just the gel straight from, the plant; they have typically been mixed with other ingredients or chemicals. Many people believe that aloe works best in its organic form (straight from the plant). The store-bought aloe is used to treat and alleviate the same ailments.

Egyptians refer to the aloe plant as “The Plant of Immortality.” The Native Americans call it “Wand of Heaven.” Both cultures look at this plant as being so great for two reasons; it provides both regenerative powers and nutrition. If you were ever lost in a desert and found an aloe vera plant, it would provide hydration. Cut off a stem and suck out the clear gel contained inside the plant.

Aloe vera has been used for centuries for these purposes. The natural medicinal properties of this plant date back more than 4000 years. The earliest known reference to aloe came from a Sumerian tablet from 2100 BC. Aloe plants have made appearances in the writings of ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. Many of these cultures used it in wound-healing. Egyptians queens used the plant to enhance their physical beauty.

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