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Amla Fruit Extact

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Amla Ingredients Review
Common Name {Indian gooseberry}

Scientific Name {Phyllanthus emblica}

Amla, more commonly known as Indian gooseberry extract, is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the beauty market today. Amla originated in India and had been used for centuries. Gooseberry plants can be found all over the northern hemisphere, but especially in colder climates, which makes them exceptionally resistant to harm from the elements. The main benefits of gooseberries come from the antioxidants they contain. They are known for their dark color. They have an incredible slate of vitamins that they possess.

Beneficial Antioxidants and Amla

The Amla fruit is a natural source of vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidants. Amla not only has many health benefits, but it also can help to brighten the look of delicate skin. Both the juice of the berry and the extract from the outer layer are high in this vital nutrient, along with some other vitamins and minerals that help to improve our facial appearance.

The gooseberry itself has an astringent quality. When applied to the skin, contributes to regulating moisture production and shrink the look of pores. It also contains natural antiseptics, which make it great for acne or blemish-prone. Along with its ability to stop overproduction of moisture, it can help to neutralize not only harmful free radicals, but also the bacteria in our skin that causes acne. When taken internally, it is known to fight infections. It has a high Vitamin C content, plus antibacterial and cleaning properties.
green amla fruit also known as gooseberry.

Free radicals, caused by sun exposure, are one of the major causes of premature signs of aging on the face. The vitamin C in Amla can help to eliminate those free radicals, keeping your complexion looking young and fresh when otherwise it would have begun to develop lines and wrinkles.

Aside from helping the skin to produce a more consistent level of moisture, a powder made from Amla can wick away any oiliness throughout the day. As it helps combat shininess, it also heals the appearance of scars.

It does not over-dry, which makes it an excellent treatment even for women who have dehydrated skin. Combining it with moisturizing ingredients can ensure that the moisture is properly absorbed.

While applying amla to the face is the best course of action for achieving immediate benefits. You can also drink Gooseberry juice to utilize it’s healthy-skin promoting powers. In all applications, the entire gooseberry should be used, as all of the antioxidant capabilities in the skin and the fruit can be utilized.

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