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5 Tips for Natural Skincare

In this day and age, there are so many harmful chemicals that fill the world of skincare. As people realize the danger of these, it is becoming more and more common to try and find safer products using all-natural ingredients. Skin perfection is all-natural skincare, using the best ingredients that are both safe and beneficial to your skin. There are numerous benefits to choosing a natural skincare routine over the synthetic alternatives.

Where do I buy Natural Skincare?

Today, there is a plethora of online skincare companies open 24/7. You can also purchase items at your local grocery store or specialty store like Whole Foods. Farmers Markets and holiday craft shows and bazaars are a great place to find unique items.

Here are 5 simple everyday tips that you can use to help your skin naturally stay in tip-top shape!

Tip #1: Do a Dry Brush Exfoliation This can be done in the morning/evening before you shower. The benefit of doing it is that it eliminates dead skin cells and allows your skin to detox. Dry brush exfoliation can also improve lymph and blood circulation, can help to decrease puffiness and is calming for the nervous system. A dry brush exfoliation involves the use of a soft, dry brush, preferably with natural bristles.

Step 1: Stand in the shower with the water off.

Step 2: Starting at your feet brush in small circles towards your heart. Apply light pressure and avoid sensitive skin areas such as rashes and thin skin areas such as your inner thighs.

Step 3: After you finish both legs now move onto doing your arms. Again starting at the end (at your fingertips) and moving towards your heart.

Step 4: When you have finished both arms, brush from your back towards your stomach.
Step 5: Take your shower as usual!

Tip #2: Rev up Sluggish Circulation If you spend long hours sitting at your desk like me then one of the best things you can do for your skin, stress levels, and overall health and well-being is to get up and get moving! Here are some quick suggestions to get your circulation pumping faster during your day: Natural Skincare Massage Roller

  • Take a quick break to go outside and walk/jog around the block.
  • Book a massage.
  • Close your door and stretch.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Start your morning by stretching.
  • Get a skipping rope.
  • Do a few sets of jumping jacks every few hours.

Tip #3: Excite your Digestion Good skin is a reflection of a sound digestive system. If you have a skin disorder such as acne, rosacea, or psoriasis chances are you are also possibly suffering from constipation, imbalanced bacteria levels, or leaky gut.

The two most common sluggish digestion criminals are:
#1: Not Enough Water #2: Not Enough Fiber

Some suggestions to increase your fiber:

  1. Add Whole Grains
  2. An Apple A Day
  3. Eat Cauliflower
  4. High-fiber Snacks
  5. Eat Beans and Legumes
  6. Ground Flaxseeds

Tip #4: Avoid Excess Sugar Did you know that excess sugar is considered one of the leading causes of premature aging??!! Yikes! Here is a tip to try to reduce your sugar intake: Reducing your sugar intake can be done, and a gradual approach works best. Next week choose one thing you are going to do to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. And each week after that keep adding to your list. Until voila! You've eliminated sugar from your diet altogether. Okay, that may be a little hard, but once you become aware of how much sugar you are ingesting and from what sources you can take control of how much you ingest.

Tip #5: Eat Good Fats Essential fatty acids are essential for your body to function, period. They are particularly relevant to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne, and dry skin. Here are some suggestions to upping your essential fats into your diet:

  • Flaxseed and walnut oil
  • Coldwater fish
  • Supplements (such as fish oil)

That's it! 5 Simple and easy steps. I hope that you find these tips helpful, and I would love to hear your feedback. As always please share this article if you like it to help pass it forward.

Article Contributed By Danielle Lewis
Organic Natural Beauty Directory Founder