Anti Aging Smoothies

I have to admit I am a smoothie junkie. Yes, I am a health nut. Okay, I know smoothies are usually green and filled with healthy stuff and well, taste like grass. Yes, smoothies can have an acquired taste, but they don't have to.

Healthy Smoothies

Anti-aging smoothies have so many health benefits and are a great addition to any natural and organic skin care routine. Smoothies provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Anti-Aging Smoothies nourish your skin for a plump, youthful looking complexion. Protein smoothies with Pea, Cranberry, and Hemp protein keep you feeling full of hours and your body to stay trim. Smoothies naturally detox your skin and body keeping your skin clear and balanced. Smoothies using Chia Seeds, which are high in Omega 3's, 6 and 9, promote healthy-looking, shiny hair, and nails that are less brittle. Glutamine is a critical amino acid that keeps are skin tight. Organic Aloe Vera Gel hydrates our skin from within, smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles.

You will be amazed at how fast smoothies will grow on you. Plus, smoothies make the best fast food! They only take a few minutes to make! Just grab, blend and go.

Smart Tip:
It can be hard at first to get used to the taste of greens and protein powders that do not use fruit, but I have a special trick that will have your smoothie tasting great! Add a green banana in the beginning. Once you get used to the taste, start using smaller and smaller amounts of the banana. Try to use green bananas rather than ripe bananas as they have a lower glycemic level.

morning anti-aging smoothie

Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 Cup Water (you will need to add less water for a thicker smoothie and more water for a thinner smoothie.)
  • 1 Cup Crushed Ice 1 Scoop Protein Powder (We use Sun Warrior Raw Protein Plant Based Warrior Blend in Vanilla)
  • 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds 1 Ounce Liquid Light Natural Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex (from Sun Warrior)
  • 1 Cup Raw Organic Spinach, Kale or any other green leafy vegetable or blend (when we do not have fresh greens on hand, we use Tonic Alchemy from Ron Teeguarden in our office)
  • 1 Teaspoon Glutamine Powder
  • 2 ounces Organic Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 Green Banana

Mix all ingredients in a blender until well blended. Pour into a to-go cup and Enjoy!

With everyone having such a busy schedule in the summer, I sometimes find myself running out of the house without breakfast. (so not good!)  So every day I make a smoothie to go. Smoothies are easy to make and only take a couple of minutes to make.

My favorite smoothies are blended with ice and organic fruits, and of course, I put in Fresh Face. I love the Anti-Aging Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.  I also blend in Vega, Bodacious Berry, which provides essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Vega Smoothie Mix contains Sacha Inchi, Hemp Seed Protein, Pea Protein, Alfalfa, Spinach, Broccoli, and Enzymes. My favorite thing about making my smoothies is that I can blend what I like and make it tasty by just adding different organic fruit. Try my favorite Anti Aging Smoothie below or create your unique creation!

Fresh Face Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 Scoop Fresh Face or any other collagen nutritional supplement
  • 1 Scoop Vega, Bodacious Berry Smoothie Mix
  • 1 Large Banana
  • 6 oz. Water
  • 1 Cup Ice
Try an Anti-Aging Smoothie today, nourish your body and then share the love with the whole office. Beauty from within!

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