The Benefit of Copper Peptides on your Skin

Rejuvenating Copper Peptide

Copper is perfect for aging or mature complexions. It is a natural peptide that renews the skin's look. Copper helps dead skin cells turn over faster giving way to new, rejuvenated, youthful skin. A naturally occurring peptide, copper gives your skin's vitality a boost. It is a micro-nutrient that improves your skin's appearance, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and tightens.

What are copper peptides and how can they benefit your skin? Regenerating Copper Peptide for Mature Skin

Peptides are part of proteins. Proteins are the "building blocks" of our cells. Some peptides have an attraction for copper, and they combine for a strong bond. This combination has become known as Copper Peptides. In the 1970s, these peptides were investigated for their benefit in wound healing. Dr. Loren Pickart found that copper peptides to be useful for helping wounds, hair growth, and ulcer treatment. Through his research, he also studied how copper peptides could benefit aging skin.

Aging skin

As we age, skin cell the replacement cycle slows, and we start accumulating cross-linked collagen in the skin. It is important to exfoliate your skin on a consistent basis to not have build-up. Collagen also begins to break down as the loss of elastin becomes evident. At this point, our complexions can start to look thin and have difficulty bouncing back into place; this is when wrinkles form, and our skin is less likely to defend against free radicals and environmental damage. What Dr. Pickart discovered in his studies of Copper Peptide was that combined with an exfoliation system, Copper Peptide:
  • Boost the systems that remove aged protein, dead skin cells turnover rate increases
  • Boost the systems that synthesize new skin proteins
  • A micro-nutrient that returns your skin's natural levels of collagen
  • Helps to strengthen your skin's shield against environmental damage by maintaining your complexion's health with vital nutrients and improving the elastin density
Usually, in healthy aging, both of these skin components see a drop in their levels at age 30. As you can imagine, a natural peptide combined with copper could have a significant benefit to restore skin to a more youthful look. It will help to smooth and soften the appearance of wrinkles, give your skin a more firm foundation helping with sagging and drooping and improve your skin's natural shield ability. What could be better than a natural way to improve your skin that has been studied and proven beneficial for support and vitality! If you are looking to add Copper Peptide into your skincare routine, Skin Perfection offers you a wide choice of products that contain copper peptide to help you renew your complexion at home. See what Copper Peptide can do for you!