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Certified Organic Ingredients and Organic Skin Care

We often talk about the different Anti-Aging Peptides that we use in our Skin Perfection products. They help combat the signs of aging by encouraging our skin to work efficiently and look younger. But what is also equally important is the use of certified organic ingredients in our skincare products. Organic Ingredients Nourish and feed our complexions with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Healthy skin is better able to defend against environmental stressors that can cause premature aging. USDA Certified Organic Skincare Brands

Certified Organic Ingredients

Are grown without pesticides. Ingredients that are natural and pesticide-free are good for your skin as they provide your skin with essential nutrients from nature. Over the years, scientists have found that people have become more and more sensitive to ingredients that are grown with pesticides. Allergies have been linked to ingredients with pesticides. This is just one more reason to avoid ingredients grown with pesticides. At Skin Perfection, we incorporate as many natural and organic ingredients into our skincare products as possible. On each INCI declaration, when you see an asterisk* you know that it is a certified organic ingredient. Our organic ingredients have been certified by the NOP or Oregon Tilth.

Certified Organic Skin Care

Is different from the skincare that uses Organics Ingredients that are Certified Organic. Certified Organic Skin Care means that the whole product (or at least 95%) is certified organic. Peptides are not on the National List as being organic, so products with peptides and certified organic ingredients are not allowed to be Certified Organic Skin Care. However, we can still include certified organic ingredients in our skincare. A certified organic product must have to be certified by an approved office such as the NOP or Oregon Tilth. For a 100% organic seal from the USDA, a product must contain 100% organically produced ingredients. (except water and salt) For a product to be certified organic, it must contain at least 95% organically grown ingredients (except water and salt). The last 5% of ingredients must be a non-agricultural substance approved and be listed on the National List. These products can use the USDA Organic Seal. Using products with organic ingredients can help to delay the onset of aging so you can look great at any age! Check out our Organic Ingredients used in our anti-aging skincare today!