Anti-Aging Serum for Frown Lines and Deep Wrinkles

Laugh and Frown Lines photo-aging causes wrinkles

When it comes to summer, we are often pulled in two different directions. We want to be tan. It makes us look slimmer and healthier, but we know what sun exposure can do to our skin. There's always the danger of skin cancer, but long-term exposure to the sun speeds up the aging process. Photo-aging is the leading cause of premature wrinkling! At Skin Perfection, we know that even if you try to avoid sun exposure, it is hard to prevent being in the sun altogether. Even with using sunscreen and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Age spots, discolored skin, and maybe even a few wrinkles can begin to appear.

If you know that your skin has been exposed to the damaging rays of the sun, or you've started to see those expression lines forming around your eyes and mouth, it's time for our new anti-aging serum for frown lines and deep wrinkles called the Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum. We have created our most advanced anti-aging treatment to create the best wrinkle-fighting formula. With Hyaluronic Acid as the base, this serum includes Teprenone, which, like Hyaluronic Acid, helps balance the skin's moisture content. It also tightens and evens the complexion. 75-100% of studies have shown that this powerful ingredient has reduced wrinkles and fine lines. It encourages the life of skin cells, allowing the skin to look younger, longer.

Argireline and Snap 8 are the main wrinkle-smoothing ingredients. These advanced peptides relax contracted muscles in the face, smoothing out the expression line caused by smiling and blinking. With the addition of Syn-Ake (Waglerin 1), you get the filling and relaxing benefits of Botox, without the injection. Next, comes Spin Trap, the world's smartest antioxidant. In our Expression Line Deep Wrinkle System, we use Spin Trap PBN, which finds and collects dangerous free radicals in our skin. Not only does it scavenge them and isolate them, but it also converts them into oxygen, which your skin can then recycle them! All of these anti-aging benefits are coupled with Syn-Coll, which signals the skin's collagen layer to start making new cells. Syn-Coll and Matrixyl 3000 plump and firm skin from within. This isn't the pseudoscience some cosmetics companies will try to sell you; these are real results, backed up by clinical trials! That means you can stop fight wrinkles before they ever form. Use it on your neck and face; it's gentle enough for any skin type but potent enough to fight those wrinkles.