LED Red Light Therapy & How it Works

Red Light Therapy and Blue LED

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy Used in spas and skin clinics for years, Red and Blue LED light therapy is just now gaining traction as a legitimate treatment. Those familiar with the treatment, however, know the benefits it can provide for anyone struggling with wrinkles, redness, and even more severe skin conditions like acne, eczema, and even psoriasis. Though it was developed for home implementation for restorative skin treatments, studies have shown that it also effectively treats some other ailments. Aside from addressing issues of the skin, light therapy has proved useful in the management of depression and autoimmune and psychiatric disorders.

Does it work?

Red and Blue LED lights can mimic the properties of the sun's natural rays, which affect the body's rhythm and stimulate its natural recuperative powers. Specific colors of LED light therapy have different properties. Red light, for example, is commonly used as an anti-aging treatment, and to reduce the appearance of annoying little acne spots. The light penetrates the skin, working to rejuvenate damaged nerve endings, wrinkled skin cells, and stimulate collagen production, giving the skin a more full, radiant, and youthful appearance. And unlike many anti-aging products, light therapy works. The technology was developed by NASA to help their astronauts heal and regulate their circadian rhythms while in space, and has progressed to the point where many spas are abandoning other rejuvenation techniques altogether and sticking exclusively with light therapy.

Uses for Red and Blue LED Light Therapy

The most popular uses for light therapy are cosmetic. It is a chemical-free wayred light therapy to reduce wrinkles, stamp out redness, and stimulate the skin. Its anti-aging benefits of LED light therapy make it extremely popular with older women, who can see real results, almost immediately, unlike when using expensive creams. It is far less invasive and indeed less extreme than Botox injections, making it an excellent alternative for women who want a more natural approach to wrinkle-free skin. Psoriasis, which is typically treated by immune-suppressing medications, which can be very dangerous, as they open the body up to a range of dangerous infections and can even hinder the body's ability to isolate, contain, and do away with free radicals can be efficiently treated with LED light therapy. The light penetrates the inflamed skin and helps to heal and regrow the underlying nerves that cause the dry, discolored patches of skin. The same goes for those with eczema and acne. The light encourages the skin to find a more normal balance, helping to improve both overly dry and overly oily spots.
Is Red and Blue Light Therapy Safe?
The most common kinds of light therapy, as far as treating skin conditions goes, are red and blue LED light therapy. Though light is broadly painted as the culprit behind skin cancer, Red and Blue rays are safe levels of non-damaging lights. Consider, for example, if you could extract the healing properties from sunlight and get rid of the harmful ones. That is all light therapy is, using the right UV, UVB, and infrared rays to restore the skin, while doing away with the dangerous light that causes cancer, discoloration, and wrinkles. You will love the benefits of this non-surgical facelift with red light therapy.