Natural Botox Alternative: Anti-Aging Serums

Natural Botox Alternatives Syn-Ake

Are you looking for a natural Botox alternative?
Almost every day we receive phone calls and emails about what products to use for specific issues. One question we often get is:


What serum should I use for the lines in between my eyebrows? I don't want to use Botox and I am looking for a natural Botox alternative.


Look for anti-aging serums that use Argireline and other peptides that mimic the effects of botox. For Expression Lines in between the eyebrows, you will want to look for ingredients such as Syn-Ake, Snap 8 and Argireline. These 3 anti aging ingredients work by relaxing the muscles promoting a reduced appearance of wrinkles. Your complexion will look natural and refreshed, you will not look frozen or paralyzed. Syn-Ake then tightens and firms the area promoting a smooth surface. You can find Syn-Ake, Snap 8 and Argireline in our Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum. Our Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum is a gel. Syn-Ake, Snap 8 and Argireline are in a base of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in our skin and plumps up your skin for an instant result. Our gel serums are oil free, making them a great natural botox alternative for those who are acne prone.