Syn Ake Peptide Smooths Deep-set Wrinkles

Syn-Ake Peptide Syn-Ake Viper Venom Serum

Just looking at the words might intimidate you from trying to say them aloud, but we have a sneaky little trick that will make you laugh and say it correctly at the same time. Just think of the word snake, and you're all set if you run the words sin and ache together, you come up with SNAKE, and that's pretty much how you say it. Even better, it's based on snake venom, so you'll never forget it! Seriously, though, this is an anti-aging treatment that's worth remembering. Technically, it's a small, peptide that is made from the venom of the Temple Viper. It targets intramuscular activity which results in smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties that have proven very successful in clinical studies. While the actual venom works by paralyzing, this peptide contains only the portion of the toxin that relaxes the muscles.

How Anti-Aging Peptides Work

The Syn-Ake peptide acts similarly to another popular skin care product called Argireline by interfering with the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles directing them to contract. However, the company's research also reveals that Syn-Ake is stronger than Argireline. Not only does it have wrinkle-smoothing properties, but it also tightens and firms at the same time. It's a very effective anti-aging ingredient that has a cumulative effect. It works extremely well on deep-set frown lines and wrinkles in between the eyebrows, smoothing and tightening at the same time.

Clinical Validation

A clinical trial using 45 subjects for 28 days with twice daily application of Syn-Ake.  One-third of the subjects used Syn-Ake, one-third Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) and one-third a placebo. The results were presented using two measures: skin roughness and wrinkle depth. The first refers to the total of all line depths over a given area as a measure of surface smoothness, and the second is a measure of individual wrinkle depths. The average wrinkle smoothing effect for each group of fifteen subjects was 21% for Syn-ake and just 4% for Argireline. The average reduction in wrinkle depth was 20% for Syn-Ake and 2% for Argireline! We love the fast, visible results of this clinically validated peptide. This is an incredible outcome for the skin care industry, and Skin Perfection is proud to sell our Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum that contains this ground-breaking ingredient! We promise that buying skincare products with Syn-Ake will be much more fun than getting it via a snake bite and it's a lot safer too!