Scented Bath Salts

Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Take a moment for yourself and draw a nice hot bath, and throw in some incredibly relaxing bath salts while you’re at it. Using bath salts in your tub can provide incredible benefits to your body and your overall well-being. The added benefits improve your relaxation and can make you feel completely at ease.

Bath salts are an excellent way to relax while enriching your skin. Salts dissolve leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Created with ingredients that help soften the skin, bath salts give your skin a soft and refreshed feeling. Bath salts are also formulated with unique scents to enhance the enjoyment of your soak. The scents provide a natural aromatherapy for ultimate relaxation. Aromatherapy can help to calm your mind and relieve stress. Soaking with salts can also help sore muscles. The relaxing salts soothe aching muscles leaving you feeling utterly relaxed.

Bath salts are typically made with a base of Epsom salt, which has significant health benefits. Epsom Salt can be high in magnesium and sulfate. Soaking in a bath filled with Epsom Salt absorbs them into your skin, giving your body a healthy boost. An increase in sulfates can detoxify your body. An increase in magnesium levels can help you fight off many diseases and illnesses. Studies have shown that you can get these benefits simply while soaking with bath salts.

After a nice soak you will feel completely rejuvenated, and the good news—they aren’t very hard to make yourself. Creating bath salts is a simple process that allows you to customize your relaxation. Scent your creation with essential oils. Whether you buy the from a store or use homemade bath salts, you are sure to see and feel the benefits.  If you want to take care of your skin while relaxing simultaneously, then try using a skin-softening bath salt next time you take a soak.