Chemical Free

Envision the word “chemicals.” Good things don’t come to mind. Chemicals are typically harmful substances. So why do we use products on ourselves that contain harmful chemicals? It is important when looking for good skincare you find things without harmful chemicals. Be sure always to read the ingredients and look for things that do not contain harmful chemicals.

How many skincare products do you every day? Probably a fair number. Imagine if all of those products you apply to your face, eyes, arms, legs, etc. contained harsh chemicals. It is likely that your skin would start to react negatively. We wouldn’t want to eat food that was filled with harmful poisons, would we? We don’t want to put those toxic chemicals on our skin either! A chemical doesn’t have to be ingested to adverse effects on us. Toxic chemicals can cause irritations directly on the skin and can eve be absorbed into the skin and cause other internal problems that way. There is no need for these harsh chemicals to be included in our skincare products when there are so many natural ingredients and alternatives that can be used instead.

We need to get educated when it comes to these chemicals. Be aware of how they are not advertised by the products that contain them. It would be easy to stay away from these dangerous chemicals if companies would warn us! But unfortunately, the opposite is true. These chemicals are hidden among all the ingredients that are seemingly in a foreign language. Learn to recognize these ingredients that are unsafe and identify the type of products. The Environmental Working Group has a database for ingredients; you search the element, and it tells you how safe or unsafe that ingredient is and what its potential complications could be. This is an excellent resource as you begin to steer clear of products that can cause harm and search for the safer, more natural chemical-free products.