Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz (commonly known just as Dr. Oz) is a cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality. His television show is an informative program regarding all things medical. He has a team of researchers, physicians, and other medical professionals on hand to contribute to the show and evaluate/approve products that are featured. The show has become nationally acclaimed and has become a source of medical information to its many viewers.

Dr. Oz first appeared on Oprah in 2004. For five seasons he appeared on her show as a health expert. In 2009, he began his television program called The Dr. Oz Show, which is still being produced today. While many people criticize and doubt some of the practices Dr. Oz, who endorses the medical advice he gives on his show, has become one of the most influential doctors of our time. Dr. Oz does believe in some alternative medicine, which is often the source of this controversy. In many cases, his words have been used by scam companies to make it appear like he endorses their product, though he has never actually been involved with any of the scams. He created an organization called OzWatch, which is a place where consumers can report scams, so the group can shut them down to keep Dr. Oz’s name off products he does not endorse.

While some criticize Oz, he has also been nationally recognized numerous times for his medical work and research. He is a highly trusted source of medical information for the viewers of his show.

He often recommended ingredients that he believes people should be looking for in their skincare. Here on our blog, we discuss what Dr. Oz has to say about certain ingredients and remedies. Like Dr. Oz, we want to give you the best information for your health!