Facial Toning

Facial Toning is a way to tone and lift facial muscles that have lost their firmness over time. You can lift the jawline and sagging cheeks which can cause laugh lines, for a more youthful appearance. It is a proven anti-aging technique that can be done manually with acupressure or with micro-current. It is a great natural alternative to a facelift. Results do very with technique and frequency, but it can make a dramatic difference.

Skin Perfection carries a facial toning system called the DermaRescue. The DermaRescue uses three separate panels—the micro-current panel, the red light therapy panel, and the blue light therapy panel. Each panel is helps treat different concerns on the face, lifting, clarifying, and toning where the skin needs it most. The DermaRescue tones and clears the skin through its light therapy and micro-current waves; it will give your face the lift and beautiful complexion it needs.