Callus Removal

Callus Removal

Calluses are the thick, tough skin that grows on your heels, and often other parts of your feet, due to use. The calluses are there to protect our feet, but when they grow in excess, they become a painful, unattractive burden. Calluses build up as we use our feet every day; often these calluses become painful as they begin to crack and sometimes even bleed. Many men and women are embarrassed by these thick skin masses, so they feel the need to hide their feet. People will even go to extreme lengths to get their calluses removed, like the fish pedicure. The fish pedicure is a recently-popularized treatment for calluses. You sit with your feet in a pedicure bowl filled with tiny fish that eat off the dead skin. If that does not appeal to you, don’t worry; there are other solutions.

Filing down calluses is the best way to removing them. Doing so helps you avoid the painful cracks while maintaining a protective surface on your foot. To keep healthy feet and avoid pains and cracks, file your calluses weekly.

Callus Removal Tips

Whether you are getting a pedicure or giving yourself a pedicure, do not allow your calluses to be cut off. While this may seem like a simple solution to get rid of the dead skin quickly, your skin treats the cut like an injury causing the skin to grow back quicker and thicker. If the skin is simply filed down, calluses are safely diminished and only re-grow if left neglected.

One way to file down your calluses yourself is to use a rough, coarse foot file or a pumice stone. Both are effective in safely removing the skin without causing additional harm. But remember to be patient; those calluses weren’t built in a day, and they won’t be removed in a day either; filing calluses down takes time and dedication. Let your feet soak for at least 5 minutes then use your pumice stone or file to remove dead skin gently. If it starts to hurt, quit. Only do it as often as is comfortable, but the more often you treat them, the quicker they will be diminished. Try to at least file them at least weekly, though doing it every day will show better results. If you let too much time go in between filing them, the skin will begin to grow back, and your progress will be lost.

Once you have filed down your calluses, it is important to follow up with an exfoliant and a moisturizer. Using an exfoliant like a salt or sugar scrub (which you can buy or make at home) will aid in removing some of the dead skin cells and smoothing the dry, rough skin. After exfoliating, it is important to add hydration. For calluses use an extra-strength lotion to help penetrate the skin and provide deep moisture.

Remember, it takes time, but your beautiful, healthy skin will be worth it. Take care of feet and work to remove your calluses. You won’t feel the need to hide anymore.