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Chirally Correct Skincare

Chirally correct is a term often used when discussing skincare. Many of our products at Skin Perfection are chirally correct, but what does this mean?

What does chirally correct mean?

Scientific research has shown that molecules all have two identical sides. These areas appear to be the same, but they often do not provide the same benefits. One side of the molecule works better with our skin; the skin absorbs one particular side of the molecule better than the other. When that side of the molecule is used, we can get the fullest extent of the benefits that the molecule offers. When the less-effective aspect of the molecule is removed, and the more effective side is left, it is known as chirally correct.

Skincare products can be used more efficiently if they contain chirally correct ingredients. Chirally correct is thought to be better than synthetic ingredients and better than just natural ingredients. The opposing side of the molecule that is not sufficient for the skin has been removed, leaving only the right side that combines with the skin to give you the best possible results. Using skincare with chirally correct ingredients helps ensure that you are getting the most out of every ingredient.

Chirally Correct Skincare

Why are chirally correct ingredients better than natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are great for your skin, but natural ingredients still contain both sides of the molecule. When one side of the molecule is ineffective, it is better to remove that side and only keep the side that works. As an example let’s look at vitamin E. Like other molecules, vitamin E contains two identical sides, D and L. The D side of the molecule is the only side that the skin recognizes. The L form does not work with the skin, and the skin often doesn’t know what to do with these unrecognized molecules. Natural, but not chirally correct, vitamin E would contain both the D and L forms, so half of this ingredient would not do anything for your skin. Also, it can sometimes cause allergic reactions as the skin does not know how to react to the L form of the molecule. It makes sense to remove the half of the molecule that goes unused and uses only the form that the skin recognizes and best absorbs. Chirally correct ingredients just perform better, they provide superior absorption and are more efficient.

To simplify, a skincare product being chirally correct necessarily means that contains ingredients that work best with your skin so that you can receive the greatest possible results from your skincare. 

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