Tamper Evident Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

Safety Sealed Glass Bottles to Keep your Product Fresh!

Blue glass bottles with tamper evident droppers are essential when you need to preserve your ready-made creations—easy dispensing for liquids.

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Tamper Evident Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

Our blue glass dropper bottles hold .5 oz (15ml) of any liquid and comes with a black dropper for easy dispensing! Sold in sets of 6

These .5 ounce blue glass dropper bottles are the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys crafting skincare products at home. Use them to hold essential oils, natural preservatives, and any other liquids that you need to keep fresh and measure precisely.

The dropper lid allows you to squeeze out as few or as many drops of liquid into your recipe as you need, and the tamper-evident lid seals tightly to keep precious ingredients safe.

Plus, the blue tint of the glass protects organic products from dilution or damage due to light exposure, too.

Are you doing a lot of traveling? These bottles are a perfect size. They meet all TSA rules for transporting liquids, and you can store them almost anywhere. They definitely won't take up a lot of space in your carry-on bag.

Are you giving homemade anti-aging oils and perfumes to your friends and family for holidays or birthdays? Package and seal them in these beautiful and functional bottles. You can even make labels and tie ribbons around them to make them even more attractive.

Perfect for Homemade Skincare Products

If you are selling your homemade skin care products in a boutique or online, tamper-evident tops make it easy for your customers to trust that your product has not been harmed or tainted in any way.

The possibilities for using these beautiful and functional bottles are endless. Order several today and see how many uses you can find for them!

Using a funnel, carefully pour liquid ingredients into your dropper bottle. Once you have filled the container, place the dropper cap on, and hand-tighten it.

The tamper-evident ring will stay in place on the lid while you screw it onto the bottle, but it will separate when the cap is removed once more.

Be aware that the lids will no longer be tamper-evident after one use. You can still reuse caps and bottles, but you will not have this security layer and should not reuse the containers and lids if you plan to give away or sell your organic skincare products.

However, if you use them for your personal uses, there is no harm in washing, rinsing, and reusing bottles and droppers. Just sanitize before reusing.

Be sure of the ingredients and products' expiration dates before use. For longer-lasting organic products, store in the refrigerator between uses.

EWG Score

The Skin Deep® ingredient hazard score, from 1 to 10, reflects known and suspected hazards linked to the ingredients. Learn more
1-2 Low Hazard
3-6 Moderate Hazard
7-10 High Hazard

Do the glass bottles come in different sizes?
No, we only carry the .5 ounce size. We also carry a .5 and 1 ounce airless bottle.

What can you use these beautiful bottles for? Essential oils are a big part of customizing and personalizing organic skincare products.

Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your homemade serum, lotion, or cream can make it that much more enjoyable to use. But, unfortunately, a lot of essential oils don't come in dropper bottles.

Now you can transfer your essential oils to a dropper bottle that's convenient to use and gives you more accurate measurements for the best homemade products.

You can also use one of these dropper bottles to hold our homemade anti-aging oil. This simple recipe is easy to follow and will give you a beautifully scented, luxurious oil that will keep your skin glowing.

When you're done making your oil, store it in one of our blue dropper bottles. The glass's color will protect the oil and its ingredients from becoming diluted from light exposure.

Of course, you can keep it in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life, too.

Skin Perfection


Glass bottles are inherently fragile. Therefore, it is best to wrap them in bubble wrap when traveling. The blue tint on these bottles will protect ingredients from light damage, but be aware that organic ingredients have a more truncated shelf life than synthetic chemicals.

Be sure of the ingredients and products' expiration dates before use. For longer-lasting organic products, store in the refrigerator between uses.

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