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Coltsfoot Botanical

High is Cysteine and Silica for Healthy Skin

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Scientific Name: {Tussilago farfara}
Family: {Asteraceae—from the daisy family}
Common Name: {Colts foot, Horse hoof}

Coltsfoot can be used both internally and externally for its anti-inflammatory properties. Most commonly, it is used as a relief for coughs and other cold symptoms. It can help reduce the intensity and duration of coughs and colds. Used topically, it soothes sunburns and can rapidly restore sores, cuts, and bruises. It is often used on twisted or sprained appendages, as it safely reduces swelling, without the constrictive dangers that using a cold compress can present.

Coltsfoot Natural Botanical FlowerInternal uses include reducing swelling, relieving digestive issues, and internal ulcers. It can minimize the pain of a sore throat and help calm laryngitis. Coltsfoot contains tannins, which is its main component. Whether used internally or externally, it encourages the growth of new cells, which can help to push out toxins, slough away dead skin cells, and fight free radical damage. When new skin cells grow, they slough off old, dead cells on the surface. Getting rid of dull cells reveals a cleaner, brighter-looking complexion.

Other beneficial components of coltsfoot include cysteine, which is vital in the regeneration of healthy, strong skin cells. This makes the skin more resilient, as well as makes the hair appear shinier and less brittle. Using a wash containing coltsfoot will make hair more resistant to split ends and breakage.

Coltsfoot has natural moisturizing benefits. Because of this, it can be added to toners, not only to help clean skin but also to block the absorption of acne-causing bacteria into the skin. As it fights bacteria, it encourages skin cells to hold on to their natural moisture, instead of secreting it. When skin cells do not keep their moisture, the skin must continuously produce more sebum, which collects in pores and eventually causes pimples. When cells hold onto moisture, the skin has to produce less sebum, and fewer pimples occur.

With silica, it's a skin-softener that improves the skin’s natural elasticity. Flexibility helps the skin bounce back from the signs of aging more quickly. Premature aging can be prolonged, keeping your skin healthier and look of your complexion more youthful. It can be used locally on pimples, cuts, scabs, bites, rashes, and scars to soften the face and accelerate rejuvenation.

Most common cosmetic applications for coltsfoot include:

• Reducing redness
• Lessen the appearance of acne marks
• Additive to anti-aging serums
• Restorative creams and scrubs

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