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Fennel for oily skin

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Scientific Name: {Foeniculum vulgare}
Common Name:
Strong Licorice.
Uses: Found in astringents and toners, anti-aging creams and serums, cellulite creams, skin-purifying products for complexions that are acne-prone or oily.

Fennel is an umbrella-shaped plant with tiny little yellow flowers. It is a native of Egypt. You may see it used in skincare in the form of essential oil or an extract. The essential oil is typically steam distilled. The extract is usually taken from the seeds, but the whole plant may be used as well. It is a herb similar to licorice. It's sweet, spicy, and is clear in color.

It's not the first ingredient that comes to mind when people think of natural skincare. Fennel can be seen in culinary applications, flavoring, and spices. It has many properties that make it great for the skin, as well. For example, because it is a natural diuretic. It is excellent for cellulite and wrinkle creams.

It can regulate the skin’s ability to hold and produce moisture, which is perfect for oily skin. As we age, our skin is less able to hold on to vital moisture. When your face feels like it needs more moisture, it produces more oil. More oil can collect in and clog the pores.

A cream or lotion that contains fennel can help strengthen the skin’s cells and make them more able to hold on to their moisture. The skin will produce less oil, and there will be less oil overall to block pores and form acne.

Fennel also has toning properties. It helps remove toxins and impurities from the skin and is often used in astringents and toners. Fennel can help strip away pollutants and irritants from the skin, either in a solution or a scrub. When mixed with organic salts or sugars, it can slough away dead skin cells, while drawing out dirt and nourishing the skin.

Fennel contains natural antioxidants. Plus, it can penetrate the lower layers of skin, where free radicals, created by the sun and other environmental pollution. Fennel can neutralize these cells and protect from premature aging.

A product containing fennel can help boost circulation, especially in areas like under the eyes, where broken capillaries deposit blood particles and create those dark circles. Improved circulation in this area can help remove these dark circles and prevent them in the future.

The zinc in fennel can contribute to maintaining and rebuild support structures in the skin, which are vital to younger and healthy-looking skin. Over time, these structures naturally break down, and the body has a harder time rebuilding them. A topical application of zinc can help to build strong, healthy cells, which makes resilient and a more vibrant appearance. 

Zinc provides essential nutrients that nourish and replenish for a resilient complexion.

All of these health benefits make fennel perfect for any stage of life. Teenagers with oily, problematic skin can take advantage of the cleansing, toning properties of a product with fennel to help balance oily skin. Adult women can use fennel to fight the signs of aging before they even appear and to reduce skin problems like freckles and dark circles that every woman faces.

Fennel should not be used by women who are pregnant.

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