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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo, not just for the brain.

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Skin Deep Ingredient Review

Scientific Name {Ginkgo Biloba}
Common Name {Madenhair Tree}

Ginkgo has long been used as an anti-aging health supplement designed to boost energy and regulate mood and sleeping patterns. One of the main components of ginkgo is quercetin, which is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Because it also contains a substance not unlike caffeine, it can energize your complexion and promote better circulation. These four effects make gingko very effective skin treatment.

Ginkgo and Quercetin

Throughout the day, our skin comes into contact with toxins and pollutants. These pollutants can work their way into the skin and cause premature aging. This manifests itself as blemishes, discoloration, dull, darkened, and thickened areas.

Sun exposure exacerbates this, and can even create free radicals, which can cause cancer if they are allowed to roam free. The powerful antioxidants in ginkgo scavenge free radicals, neutralizing them.

The ginkgetin in ginkgo both reduces inflammation and promotes healthy skin renewal. It can soothe irritation and infection, especially the effects surrounding acne. Pimples are a collection of sebum and bacteria, which become stuck in a pore and create an inflamed infection. An application of ginkgo can not only reduce the redness of a blemish.

As it strengthens blood vessels and veins, it improves circulation. This can assist the skin flush away toxins and other impurities. Because of this circulation-improving property, ginkgo can be used to correct discoloration and scars.

Ginkgo helps to fade the appearance of acne marks, freckles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. As blood flow increases and the proper nutrients added, your complexion can become healthy.

Just as it fights the progression of memory loss and even Alzheimer’s, in the skin, ginkgo can improve the hydration of healthy cells. The caffeine-like component, while improving circulation, also accelerates the cell regeneration process. And without the jitters.

As new cells grow and develop, they stay young and plump for a longer period. This gives your complexion a more youthful look for a more extended period. It also aids in the sloughing process, helping to move dead cells to the surface so they can be exfoliated away. And thus, reveal a more beautiful appearance.

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