Hops Benefits in Products for the Face

Scientific Name {Humulus lupulus L.}
Plant family {Cannabidaceae}

Hops are a natural herb. You will often see as the main ingredient beer, primarily IPA (India pale ale). You can sometimes see hop vines growing on trellises in front of brewpubs. They tend to be fast growing with lots of water and proper soil. They can even grow up to a foot a day. These green pine cone shaped fruit is bitter but possesses a very fragrant grapefruity aroma.
natural green hops
In facial products, hops are used as a calming agent. They are high in tannins which can help reduce inflammation. Plus they promote detoxification and are beneficial as a natural remedy to flush out toxins. That is great news if you are struggling with blemishes. Excessive fluid build-up can become stagnant. Hops have a tonic effect that washes bacteria away. It can even help to fade old acne marks.

Hops are also great if you have mature skin as it helps to balance moisture levels in the skin. Hops inhibit the elastase enzyme that is responsible for causing cross-linking in collagen. When our collagen is cross-linked, it breaks down, and the signs of aging gradually emerge.

Hops are beneficial in cleansers, toners, lotions, and creams. Whether you are suffering from problematic skin or just starting to see wrinkles, try adding hops in facial products today!

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