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Scientific Name: {Equisetum Arvense}
Common Name: {Horsetail}

This plant, resembling a horse’s tail that has been bobbed and braided, provides the skin with silicon and silica and contains a potent antibacterial agent, all of which work together to create clear, vibrant, youthful-looking appearance. There are fossil records of horsetail as far back as the earliest ages of the dinosaurs. And while it was not used by the dinosaurs to prolong the look of young, healthy skin, it was used by ancient cultures, like the Greeks and Romans.

Silicon is one of the progenitors of collagen. When organic horsetail is utilized in a cream or serum, it provides the skin with the necessary building blocks it needs to replenish its layer of collagen. As the skin ages, collagen naturally breaks down and the skin is less able to restore it. This creates the hollow, sagging skin that is characteristic of old age. Harm from chemicals in the environment or from sun exposure may accelerate the destruction of collagen in the skin. By providing silicon to the skin, it can begin to produce more collagen, which makes the skin appear more plump and smooth.

Silica not only improves blood flow, but it also provides needed moisture regulation to oily and acne-prone complexions. When skin’s natural moisture is off-balance, it will respond by either starving itself of moisture or producing too much. Silica can return skin to its natural balance, which will reduce the number of blemishes and the amount of skin dryness. Because it is also antibacterial, it helps to remove the bacteria that can cause pimples and to heal more quickly when the skin is irritated or broken.

Improved circulation helps to flush out and carry away any impurities in the skin, evening the complexion and encouraging the growth of new cells. As new skin cells appear, they will push dead cells to the surface of the skin, where they can be sloughed away.

When taken internally, Horsetail provides nutrients that bones need to become more resilient to breaking. These same nutrients can create more resilient skin, which will be less susceptible to breaking, irritation, and environmental effects. It does this by strengthening connective tissue and the walls of cells, making them more elastic.

Horsetail can diminish the signs of aging by helping to produce more radiant and vibrant-looking skin. Once dead skin cells, which dull the skin and highlight wrinkles and areas of damage, it helps to reduce the appearance of redness, for a more even skin tone, and provides moisture to cells, which will keep them plump. When individual cells appear plumper, the skin overall appears plumper.
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