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L-Carnitine in Beauty

Skin Deep Cosmetic Review

Scientific Name: {Levocarnitine}
Common Name: {Carnitine}
Common Sources: {salmon, asparagus}

This amino acid has been specifically isolated for use on oily skin, a major problem that plagues women of all ages. It is found naturally in the human body, where it is used for energy production, among other vital functions. Because we produce and use it ourselves, it is considered very safe to use in cosmetic applications. While this compound is chemically synthesized for use in cosmetics, it is much better to use than other ingredients that have artificial origins. Inside the body, it plays some vital energy, restoring, and cleaning roles. When applied to the skin, it plays those same roles, boosting the appearance of the skin.

As we age, our skin is less able to utilize the nutrients it needs to generate new skin cells and keep current skin cells looking healthy. Because there is less energy being created, cells easily die, and there are no new cells to replace them. In this situation, we see wrinkled, gray, and sagging skin. L-Carnitine invigorates the skin’s natural energy production processes. As it ups energy production, cells can become stronger, more resilient, and live longer, allowing them to retain their full, vibrant appearance until a new layer of cells is ready. Just as better energy production boosts the longevity of living cells, it helps cells regenerate faster, so that the skin can maintain its bright, youthful appearance.

These same skin regeneration and energy-boosting properties make L-Carnitine ideal for reducing the signs of aging. Amino acids are the fundamental components of both DNA and other proteins, both of which our bodies use to build new cells. As one of the most abundant and useful amino acids, L-Carnitine can help restore areas of irritation but delivering the building blocks of new cells to areas that are in need of those new cells. The look of blemishes, scrapes, scars, and underlying damage caused by free radicals can all be improved through the use of a product that utilizes L-Carnitine.

Though L-Carnitine is not itself a moisturizer, it enhances the cell’s ability to hold on to moisture produced in and introduced to the skin. Not only does it allow more moisture to enter the cell, but it also strengthens the cell, so that it can hold on to that moisture more efficiently. When cells hang on to their moisture more efficiently, the skin produces less oil, and those with oily complexions can find some relief from this condition.

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