LED Light Therapy - facial toning - microcurrent
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little green leaf derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System

Lift your face with non-invasive, non-surgical wave technology. Anti-aging phototherapy rejuvenate mature skin.
Red light therapy for anti-aging, skin-clearing blue light therapy for acne, Microcurrent, galvanic waves for firming and energizing. Derma rescues your way to radiant skin today.


Retail Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $99.95

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Derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System

Red Light Therapy for Anti-aging - Blue Light for acne - Microcurrent & Galvanic Waves for facial tightening 

The At-Home Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative PLUS Red & Blue Light Therapy

 Price: $295.00

LED Light Therapy plus Microcurrent

Are you ready to love your skin again? Leading dermatologist have been using LED light therapy plus microcurrent in their practices for years, and now you can use the same cutting-edge technology in the comfort of your own home. No more time-consuming and costly trips to the spa! Our Derma Rescue costs less than just one treatment at a med spa! Derma Rescue is an innovative 3-in-1 facial toning system with LED light therapy plus microcurrent is extremely effective in improving the skin's elasticity, so your face visibly looks and feels firmer. You will love the collagen building benefits of plumper skin with red light therapy. If you are struggling with adult acne or you suffer from hormonal breakouts, then the Blue light therapy is for you! In clinical tests, the blue interchangeable head improves skin clarity by destroying the p. Acne bacteria. And if that's not enough, tell gravity to take a hike with our microcurrent and return your skin's firmness to its original place. Gentle waves penetrate your facial features, improving elasticity. Bringing energy and life back to sagging areas. Lift your cheeks, jowls and droopy areas today. Derma Rescue your way to the radiant skin. Lift, Clarify, and Sculpt with cutting-edge LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent and Galvanic Wave technology. Three interchangeable treatment panels rescue your skin from the effects of aging. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to own your own Derma Rescue LED light therapy plus microcurrent is available at an incredible price for a limited time only!

• Anti-Aging
• Collagen Boosting
• Acne Clearing
• Facial Toning
• Firming
• Non-invasive
• Non-surgical
• Injection-free
• No Downtime
• No Side Effects


Our Titanium Treatment Panel uses low-level Galvanic Microcurrent Waves for a safe, non-surgical facelift alternative.
• Skin Tightener
• Improve Elasticity
• Increase ATP Production
• Encourage Circulation
• Revive Tired Skin
• Galvanic Waves


Our Blue LED Light Treatment Panel is extremely effective in destroying the p. Acne bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Blue Light Therapy is a natural solution that improves skin clarity without the harsh topical treatments that can lead to irritation.
• Reduce Blemishes
• Minimize Pores
• Control Oil
• Help prevent future breakouts
• Clearer Skin


Energizing Red Light Therapy for Anti-aging boosts collagen production, plumping and re-contouring your facial features. Now you can use the same cutting-edge technology used by leading dermatologists in medispas right in the convenience of your own home. Experience the benefits of a radiant complexion today!
• Diminish Wrinkles
• Increase Collagen Production
• Rejuvenate Skin Tone
• Reduce Redness

The derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System Includes:
• Hand Held Device with 3 Interchangeable Treatment Panels
• One Titanium Panel for Microcurrent & Galvanic Wave Treatments
• One Blue LED Light Treatment Panel
• One Red LED Light Treatment Panel
• Base Charger with 100-240V Universal Power Supply Adapter

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought "derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System" on our website
01/30/2017 - 11:19:13 AM
LED Light Therapy
This machine is so awesome, so easy to use and it works. I will be sixty this year, and my face never looked better! It shrinks pores, firms and tightens and fine wrinkles gone! I use it daily while watching tv and love it.