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15 ml Silver Airless Bottle
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little green leaf Silver Airless Eye Serum Pump Bottle

Airless Bottles Reduce Contamination of your DIY Recipes.
Our Silver Airless pumps are great for those who like to blend and make their own organic serums, eye creams, lotions, moisturizers, and other formulations or recipes.


Price: $4.50
Manufacturer: Skin Perfection


Small Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottle in Singles or a Set of 6
.5 ounce or 15 ml Small Airless Bottle for Lotion Making or Traveling.

Do you enjoy creating your own eye creams, serums, moisturizers, lotions, and other DIY skincare products? Our small airless bottles give you the perfect storage solutions for your homemade organic skincare products and cosmetics. Unlike ordinary bottles and jars, Airless Bottles significantly reduce the risk of oxidation and can help protect your recipes from contaminants like bacteria, yeast, and mold.

Our Airless Bottles are also the perfect size for natural, organic products. When you make and use these recipes, you should know that organic ingredients don’t have the same shelf life as synthetic ingredients. Thus, mixing up a huge batch and dumping it in a jar isn’t the best idea, as you’ll likely have to throw out a large portion of your recipe.

However, with a .5 ounce (15 mL) Airless Bottle, you’ll have the perfect container to hold your latest homemade serum, lotion, or cream. Available in singles or a set of 6. With a set of six bottles, you can make up a whole collection of products for all of your skincare needs. The treatment pump works well with thick and thin anti-aging eye creams, serums, gels, lotions, and moisturizers.

These Airless Bottles are also perfect for jet-setters who are always on the go. They fit handily into a carry-on bag and adhere to TSA guidelines for traveling with liquids.

With a silver cap, silver band and base, and a clear body, each Airless Bottle needs a label to protect contents against light damage. The pump tops are convenient and minimize mess, too. If you enjoy making your own skincare recipes or you do a lot of traveling, you’ll love them. They are the exact same bottle as our 1 ounce but in a smaller, mini size.

Our Airless Bottles also make great packaging if you’re giving your homemade serums and lotions to friends and family as gifts for holidays and birthdays. Order a set of our Airless Bottles today and find all their great uses!

How to Use:

Whether you’ve just made a serum or you’re transferring product from a larger container to an Airless Bottle, filling them is easy. Just open the bottle and place a small funnel in its neck. Holding the bottle and funnel steady, pour the product slowly into the funnel.

Some products are more viscous than others and may take a bit more time to descend through the funnel. You can help this process by choosing a funnel with a wide tip to allow lotions, serums, or creams to pass through.

Organic skin care products do not have the same longevity that synthetic products have. If you are uncertain how long a product has been in one of your Airless Bottles, be aware that it may be spoiled. Airless Bottles minimize the chances of oxidation and bacterial growth, but they do not eliminate it. Take note of expiration dates for all of your ingredients and products. You can add additional preservatives to prolong your product. Check out our selection of natural preservatives in our lotion making section.

Once you pick up a set of our Airless Bottles, you’ll no doubt want to fill them up! If you’re feeling adventurous and you want to try some new products, why not check out our step-by-step tutorial video for making our Beauty Juice All-in-One Serum? You can also use your Airless Bottles to hold serums and lotions after you’ve added a serum booster.

Are you ready to take your homemade serums, lotions, and creams to the next level? Put them in these stylish and functional Airless Bottles, and they’ll rival the look and feel of some of the top skincare products in the world. Order your set of our unique, beautiful, and highly functional Airless Bottles today and get started on an all-new level with your homemade skincare!

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