1 oz. Airless Bottle, Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottle
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little green leaf Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottle 1 fl. oz.

Skin Perfection do-it-yourself lotion making supplies for making your own organic serums, creams and lotions with our Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottles!


Price: $4.75


Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottle Set. (Large 1 oz.)

1 Fl. oz. or 30 ml Airless Bottles for Lotion Making Supplies or Travel.

If you make your own serums, lotions, moisturizers, creams, and other skincare products at home, our large Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottles are truly a must-have. They come in singles or sets of six, and each bottle holds one ounce of product.

Our Airless Bottles are designed specifically to minimize the potential for oxidation, dilution, and/or growth of bacteria, yeast, mold, and other contaminants that can affect organic skincare products. Though organic products don’t have the same shelf life as synthetic products, you can extend their longevity and prevent dilution or contamination for a long time when you package them correctly in Airless Bottles.

The pumps on our large Airless Bottles are designed to be completely compatible with any lotion, serum, cream, or other fluid skincare product. From the thickest creams to the thinnest serums, these bottles work beautifully. Plus, they’re not just functional, either. They are also very attractive and professional looking.

With a clear cap, silver base, white pump, and clear body, each bottle could be used to package professionally made products from the top brands in the world. You could even create your own label for an extra touch of style.

Use our Airless Bottles to store your DIY skincare products at home, or you can take them with you whenever you jet off on your next vacation. They adhere to current TSA rulings on liquids, so carrying them on an airplane with you won’t be a problem.

Our Airless Bottles are also attractive enough that you might consider giving the gift of organic skincare to your friends and relatives for their birthdays and the holidays this year. Whatever you plan to do with your homemade skin care recipes, you’ll need quality containers for them. So order a set of our Airless Bottles today!

How to Use:

Whether you’ve just made a batch of your favorite serum, lotion, or cream, or you’ve just added a serum booster to an existing skincare product, you can easily transfer it to a one-ounce Airless Bottle with the help of a small funnel. Choose a funnel with a tip that’s narrow enough to fit in the top of the bottle but wide enough that it can allow more viscous materials like lotions and creams to pass through.

Set the funnel in the Airless Bottle, and – while keeping the funnel and bottle stable – slowly pour your skin care product into the funnel. You may have to stop and wait while the contents of the funnel pour into the bottle before continuing. Be patient, and you’ll have a full bottle in very little time.


Keep in mind that organic products and ingredients have expiration dates. Our Airless Bottles can stave off bacterial growth and other contaminants, but they do not completely eliminate the risk of contamination. Be aware of the expiration dates on all of your organic ingredients and products.

Sample Recipes:

Once you get your large Airless Bottles you’ll no doubt want to fill them all up. Well, we can help with that! We have a number of different recipes and tutorial videos available to help you get started in the world of DIY skincare. You can start with our recipe for homemade organic aloe vera gel.

Want to look and feel younger than you have in years? Follow along with our video tutorial and recipes for making our Supercharged Anti-Aging Serum. As you explore more of our organic skincare recipes, feel free to get creative. Buy a set (or two!) of our Airless Bottles today and start making your very own lotions, serums, moisturizers, anti-aging oils, and more!

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