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Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Extract

Like many of our most favorite skincare treatments, mangosteen comes from Asia, where the giant trees must grow for ten years before they are large enough to bear fruit. They have been cultivated as far back as the Ming Dynasty and were once a favorite treat for Queen Victoria. Many people believe it to be one of the best-tasting fruits in the world, having a clean, sweet flavor. Whether you enjoy the flavor or not, this fruit and its peel have many beneficial medicinal plant properties that make it the quintessential ingredient in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory products. 

A Must-Have in Beauty Products

AntioxidantsMangosteen Fruit Antioxidant

One of the best tests of a fruit’s nutritional value, both for topical applications and for ingestion, is whether or not it contains antioxidants. Mangosteen is extremely high in antioxidants and the extract is taken from the skin and fruit can pack a serious punch when it comes to protecting the skin from sun exposure and nasty free radicals.


Widely used in Eastern medicine because of its innate anti-inflammatory qualities, mangosteen can help to improve circulation and reduce damaging inflammation. While this is most commonly used internally to reduce inflammation that causes a number of chronic issues, applying it to the face can help to prevent and reduce skin sensitivity, as well as wash away redness and impurities in the skin.


As a natural astringent, α mangostin or mangosteen is one of the best extracts for anti-aging serums, though it can also be useful for younger women who are still struggling with Green Leaf anti-aging juicy beautyacne and blemishes. Because it encourages a natural pH in the skin, it prevents pimples, and the dark, discolored appearance can give to the skin. Some studies have suggested that microbiological imbalance can be solved by using mangosteen, indicating that if you are experiencing imbalanced skin, this extract can help return it to balance, making it possible for the skin to restore and replenish itself.

Supports Skin Health

One of the mangosteen’s primary functions in the world of natural medicine is to boost the immune system. It contains xanthone from Garcinia Mangostana and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Not only can it help to clean the skin and keep it free from impurities and blemishes, but it can also actually help the skin become healthier over time, giving it change to restore itself. Some women have found that applying mangosteen extract after sun exposure can help to reduce premature aging and can cool the tingling, burning sensation of a sunburn.