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Pentamide 6

Pentamide 6, Skin Firming Peptide

Touted as a “wrinkle-eraser,” Pentamide 6 is quickly gaining popularity as one of the world’s leading skin firming peptides in anti-aging products. But what exactly does it do? Especially when combined with other anti-aging ingredients, Pentamide 6 can up face’s elasticity. Skin Firming Peptides from Pentamide 6

While this may not sound like a huge improvement when you are trying to improve the appearance of your skin, keep in mind that how elastic our skin effects how quickly the face can wrinkle, how it hangs on the bones of the face, and how resilient it is to damage from pollution and the sun.

This is one of the world’s most favorite new anti-aging products, and it can be found in many of Skin Perfection’s age-fighting creams, lotions, and serums. If you are looking for skin that looks and acts younger, start using a Pentamide 6 formulation!

Why Do We Want More Elastic Skin?

Think back to when you were young, and your skin was perfect. Most women find that their skin clears out and is free of wrinkles at age twenty-five. Most of the acne of the teenage years have faded away, but the wrinkles and sun damage have not yet begun to appear.

When you touch your face, you can feel your skin move underneath your hand. To allow for facial expressions, the skin has to be fairly elastic, meaning that it can stretch and rebound from that stretch. If our face did not have this stretch, it would, by necessity, have to be covered in wrinkles. 

This is what happens when we age. The elasticity is our skin fades away and our responds by becoming more wrinkled so it can accommodate those facial expressions. It cannot bounce back from the stretching and movement that it needs to do, so it ends up just being wrinkled and sagging from the face.

When you use a product that contains Pentamide 6, on the other hand, the skin-firming peptides improve the elasticity of your face. Whether you are using it to prevent wrinkles and maintain elasticity or to introduce elasticity back into the skin, Pentamide 6 is a great product.

When the skin is more elastic, it will look less wrinkled, and it will hold on to moisture and nutrients more effectively. Many women prefer and application of a product containing Pentamide 6 over injections or lift and tuck surgeries, as it can provide similar results, without resorting to such drastic measures.
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