Phospholipids and Healthy Skin

Did you know that improperly hydrated skin is one of the leading causes of lines and wrinkles? It is also the culprit behind too oily and too dry skin and can be the root of acne, scarring, and sensitivity. But how can you ensure that your skin is properly hydrated? Unfortunately, we usually just slather on whatever lotion we have on hand, without thinking about our skin’s specific needs. Most women just look for a moisturizer that doesn’t cause them to break out and stick with it, even if they feel their skin getting tight and irritated throughout the day.

When the skin is not properly moisturized, it can manifest in some different ways. For example, it might feel tight and the skin might easily become damaged and may even peel. Other women whose skin does not hold on to moisture, can have skin that is excessively oily. This is an indication that the skin is not holding on to the moisture that you apply to it or that it naturally produces. If it cannot hold on to the oils that it produces from its glands, it will just keep producing it, thinking that it is the only way to maintain hydration.

It will also manifest as premature lines and wrinkles. When the skin does not have enough moisture, the cells will not be full and plump, and it will be much easier for the skin to begin to fold, creating those permanent lines and wrinkles we all hate.

This is where Phospholipids and healthy skin come in. They are the leading source of natural, lasting moisture that the skin can hold on to. It is a highly effective humectant and one that healthy, the even skin produces on its own. If you are not providing enough Phospholipids, however, the skin will let you know.

This ingredient works by absorbing quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy or slimy residue behind. Instead, the skin feel soft, and down in the deepest layers of skin, individual cells are picking up that moisture, and the Phospholipids are locking it in so that it can be properly utilized. When the skin senses that the cells have enough moisture, it will stop producing its natural moisture, eliminating excess oil from the face. It will also not feel as tight and uncomfortable. Lastly, because the cells are full of moisture, they look plumper and fuller, and lines and wrinkles seem to disappear.

Sources of Phospholipids phospholipids from soy, krill and sunflower seeds

Adding phospholipids into your diet is easy as they are abundant in egg yolks and other natural sources. The best source is lecithin that comes from the yolk of eggs. It is also found in high concentration in krill oil, soybeans, and sunflower seeds. Incorporate phospholipids into your routine today for healthy skin.