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Pycnogenol Pine Bark

High Collagen Content in Pine Bark for Anti-Aging

EWG Rating
EWG rating of pine bark

Scientific Name: {Pinus pinaster}
Common Name: {Pine bark, pycnogenol, maritime pine, cluster pine}

Some of today’s most potent ingredients are not the ones that have been chemically synthesized in a lab, but rather the ones that have been used for centuries for their nutritive benefits. Pine bark is one of those ingredients, which has been used in traditional skincare for thousands of years.

One of the main components of pine bark is collagen, which occurs naturally in our skin, but also in the cells of most plants. This natural collagen can help to rebuild sunken skin, which happens as we age, as our natural collagen deposits begin to decay and the skin is less able to repair and replace these cells. Pine bark has an unusually high collagen content, which makes it a powerful extract to improve the look of sagging, wrinkled skin.

Because it is also packed with antioxidants, pine bark is great for women with damaged skin. Antioxidants can scavenge the skin for free radicals, which can significantly harm the cells of the skin. Antioxidants seek out these rampant cells and neutralize them, allowing the skin to flush them away. This is especially important for women who have had too much sun exposure. Many of the first signs of aging are caused by photo-damage deep in the skin. The more time we spend in the sun, the more damage occurs to our skin. When using a powerful antioxidant like the one in pine bark, the skin is protected from further damage and can begin to heal. This helps to diminish the signs of aging, including discoloration, dryness, blemishes, and even fine lines and wrinkles.

Pine bark is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When skin becomes inflamed, it takes on a red and puffy appearance. Not only does this cloud the complexion, but it can also irritate other skin conditions or even cause them to occur. Pine bark can help to reduce the look of inflammation, revealing more radiant-looking skin. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it can also accelerate the skin’s natural regeneration process, deliver collagen and antioxidants to sites of the irritation, so that skin is better able to replenish itself.

Because pine bark has natural oxygen content, it provides an essential nutrient to cells, to help their energy-producing process and to help build strong, long-living cells. Because of this oxygen content, when not kept in an air-tight container, pine bark can deteriorate. For the best effects, use an airless pump.