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Skin Care Facts

Skin Care Facts Questions & Answers: Every day we get many questions about common skin problems. Here are answers to common issues and some fun facts. Sometimes just making a small adjustment in your skincare routine can have a profound effect. Questions about skincare

Q: I have dehydrated skin, and sometimes a regular moisturizer is just not enough? What would give my skin the moisture it craves?

A: For complexions that are overly dry due to age or climate, consider adding in a beauty oil before your moisturizer, This added step will give your skin the hydration it needs and help your skin stay supple throughout the day. You could also add a homemade mask made from bananas and avocados once a week to restore your skin's natural moisture level. Try to stay away from ingredients that can zap your skin of its moisture like green clay and acids.

Q: What is my skin type and how do I find products that will work for me?

A: Check out our facial care solutions section to determine your skin type. At the bottom of each page, you will find products that are recommended for your complexion.

Q: It is humid in the summer, do I need to use a moisturizer?

A: Yes, you need to give your skin moisture, even in humid climates. However, there are alternatives. Instead of a traditional oil-based moisturizer, try hydration. Hydrators are Hyaluronic Acid gels that provide excellent moisture without oil.

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