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Super Oxide Dismutase

What does Super Oxide Dismutase do?

In short, it neutralizes free radicals. This keeps our skin balanced and free from oxidation. Too many free radicals can cause premature aging. Free radicals occur in the skin as a result of overexposing rays from the sun. Environmental pollutants can also generate free radicals. Free radicals move freely in our bodies. They can cause premature aging if they are left unchecked and rapidly replicate.

In some situations, this is the beginning of skin cancer. Super Oxide Dismutase forms a protective layer between the dermis cells and the free radicals. This means that they do not have a chance to cause premature aging in the skin before the natural processes of the face can clear them away.

When we are young, our body produces plenty of its own Super Oxide Dismutase. As we age, however, the skin is less able to provide this vital nutrient, resulting in a complexion that doesn't resist the signs of aging. It's the same concept as a piece of fruit ripening. Think of Super Dioxide in melons. (Yes, this is the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Infomercial.) When the fruit is fresh, it is crisp and vibrant. Let it sit for a day or two, and may still look okay, but may begin to wilt.

Let a week or so go by, and you will start to see the effects of the fruit becoming over-ripe. Eventually, the fruit spoils and loses its youthfulness. By the end of the week, the fruit has lost its stores of Super Oxide Dismutase.

An application of a product that contains this ingredient can help solve this problem. This is why it is often included in anti-aging treatments. Because it protects the skin from free radicals, it usually gives skin the nutrients it needs. A complexion that lacks basic building blocks can be the cause of most signs of aging, from spots to wrinkles.

It is also known to fight inflammation, helping to reduce a red appearance in the cheeks, which can highlight imperfections in the skin. By preventing the signs of aging and encouraging the skin to heal, it is a favorite among young and mature women alike.

Super Oxide Dismutase is considered to be a minimal impact ingredient. Because it is designed to soothe and improve the appearance of skin. It is not likely to produce any adverse reactions. You are making it a perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin or those with an unbalanced complexion. It is extracted from natural sources; there is no danger of it containing any harmful ingredients.

Super Oxide Dismutase in Melons and Cantaloupe

What does Super Oxide Dismutase Do? | Super Oxide Dismutase

Sometimes referred to as SOD, this amazing antioxidant that can be found both in the body naturally. It can also be found in organic fruits and vegetables. The best source is in melons such as honeydew or cantaloupe.

It can also be found in broccoli, barley, and almost any green plant contains high levels. Eating a diet high in antioxidants can be very beneficial, helping to protect the interior of the body from harmful free radicals. It's also great to apply topically to the surface of the face, providing the protection that your complexion needs.

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