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Syn Coll

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Syn Coll Peptide Ingredient Ranking
Scientific Name: {Tripeptide}
Common Name: {Syn-Coll}

Syn-Coll is an anti-aging ingredient. It's a tripeptide that means that it is a strand of three amino acids. Hands down, it is the best peptide available to stimulate collagen production. In clinical studies, has shown even better results than Matrixyl formulations for its collagen-boosting ability. The most significant cause of aging is the loss of collagen in our bodies as we age. There comes a point in our lives when we just don't produce enough healthy collagen. This is when we start seeing volume loss, creases, and folds along the mouth area. Collagen can also become cross-linked when this happens our once healthy and pliable skin becomes unhealthy and wrinkles.

It is a combination of peptides that fight the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and where other fine lines and wrinkles appear. Some women begin to see these wrinkles in their mid-twenties, depending on how much sun exposure they have received, their diet, and their family history. Younger women and mature women alike do not find these wrinkles pleasing and often begin looking for ways to improve and fill the look of them as soon as they appear.

Syn-Coll is a mixture of many different peptides, along with a robust moisturizer, which in combination, provide a number of anti-aging benefits. The natural amino acids work deep into the skin to boost collagen production. As we age, the face becomes less able to produce the collagen we need to keep skin looking and feeling plump and full. As collagen deposits deplete, the face begins to wrinkle and sag into the hollow places, especially around the eyes, under the cheeks, and around the chin and neck. Wrinkles usually first appear around the eyes, and by the time collagen around the jaw is broken down, the entire face looks dull and aged.

Tripeptide 3 Collagen Booster

Syn Coll’s unique blend of peptides works to encourage the production of collagen where the face needs it most. It can be applied all over the face and neck so that the collagen in these areas can begin to be restored, and the look of skin can be plumped and filled.

Not being adequately hydrated contributes to the signs of aging significantly. When the skin has proper hydration, the cells of the face are full and plump, which makes the entire face look firm. When the skin does not have proper hydration, it is not only dry and gray but also lacks the firmness that is so common in youthful skin. This, along with the collagen booster, helps to restore the skin’s natural support structure. Some women have even found that the visibility of stretch marks and scars have been reduced because this ingredient encourages the growth of new, healthier cells.

Studies have shown that women who use Syn-Coll for three months have a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women report that it appears to improve the appearance of verticals lines fast. (Especially those around the corners of the mouth.) Other areas that have become lumpy can benefit from the accelerated collagen as well. All of these benefits are provided in a safe-to-use and effective peptide formulation. Get yours today!
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Syn-Coll® is designed to renew your skin's look, reducing the appearance of any fine line or wrinkle. Syn-Coll is Tripeptide 5, which boosts collagen production to help skin retain its youthfulness.
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Our Liquid Peptide Facial Mist firms, hydrates, regenerates and renews with DMAE, Edelweiss, Sea Kelp Bioferment, Syn-Coll, Phospholipids, and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).
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