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Overall Rating: 95.33%
Average Rating: 9.53/10
Just wanted to express my gratitude for having such an amazing skincare company which provides wholesome-organic and effective ingredients. I hope this company continues to grow and excel above the rest. May the LORD BLESSES all of you, and by HIS DIVINE SPIRIT, may you continue to create more awesome products for the good of mankind.
Love your website!
Barbara S.
I am so excited to finally find products for my sensitive skin. I love the fact that I can create my own Serum. Plus I can customize the anti-aging ingredients. It has been so hard to find products without fragrance and parabens.
I love Skin Perfection products, and also the staff (Allie and Sara in particular) are very sweet. Allie has called me back and talked to me several times to help me decide on products. I really love the thick texture and aroma of the Ageless Age Defying Anti-Aging Serum and the Ultimate Night Moisturizer. The Ageless moisturizer goes on like silk!

I have to say I was blown away by the newest product I ordered which is the Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum. I thought I can't be seeing what I'm seeing. I've spent hundreds of dollars, probably thousands of anti-aging products and even on some from Skin Perfection that did nothing but this Expression Line Deep Wrinkle Serum literally reduced my smile lines and Nasolabial folds in one day!!! It was like magic, really crazy!!!

I'm hoping the Uplift eye cream takes away my dark circles and puffiness. All of the products make my face look younger, and it glows now. The products smell wonderful and some work better than others but all in all it's a very good company with awesome products!!!!

Patrice Brown
I think this website is a hidden gem! They have the highest quality ingredients great packaging and it's reasonably priced. Although the price has enough in the past couple of years. These are effective wonderful products so don't waste your money on the more expensive stuff.
Leslie Moore
After ordering your cleanser and receiving a sample of moisturizer I can say after years of trying to find the perfect anti aging products (tried Principal, Elysee, oil of olay..etc)This is the one I love! My face feels amazing after I use the cleanser -not stripped, just fresh and radiant..The sample moisturizer was a hit as well..I highly encourage anyone that is hesitant...try these products. You will not pick up your others after this! Thank you for creating these amazing skin care products!
Diane N.
It's so nice to find an organic skin care line that actually works. I have been using Skin Perfection for a few months now and my skin feels very moisturized with a bit of a glow! I start with Clarifying Cleanser which does not leave my face feeling dry (like a lot of cleanser do) and I literally see a glow afterwards. I then use the Moisturizing Toner which leaves my skin feeling so fresh. I apply Syn-ful Serum after that and my skin seems to absorb it nicely. I follow up with Ageless Moisturizer where my skin looks & feel smooth, moisturized and fresh!! Thanks Skin Perfection!!
I love the Sensitive Skin Cleanser with zeolite. A perfect fit for me! Please do not discontinue it! The cleanser doesn't strip my acne-prone skin perfectly. Plus it doesn't make my mature complexion feel or look dehydrated.
Love, love, love my new products! And being a big fan of Dr.Oz he says if you want to prevent wrinkles look for products with peptides and Vitamin C. I found both and being organic with no fillers makes it even better! I use the peptide cocktail along with the DePuff eye cream at night. For the morning I use the Vit.C blast, Uplift for eyes and Phytocell moisturizer which I love the smell and you use only a dab as it is so concentrated. So, so happy to say acne is gone and my skin has never looked better! Even my pores seem smaller!!I am a true believer and will be back for more. Beth Hamilton
Beth Hamilton
I have been searching for the right skincare for awhile and I am very glad that I finally found the best. All the ingredients that I want in my skincare are included. And THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS OR FILLERS. I have not found any other company who does this. And the price is very affordable. My skin has changed completely. It is firm, dewey and the wrinkles have diminished a lot in the couple months that I have been using these products. No other product on the market came even close to these products. Thank you very much. I will be a long term customer for sure.

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