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Vanilla Bean Essential Oil

Natural Alternative to Fragrance

EWG Rating
Skincare Ingredient Skin Deep

Scientific Name: {Vanilla Planifolia}
Common Name: {Vanilla bean extract}

When someone first says “Vanilla,” you probably do not go straight to skincare. Instead, you may think of vanilla that is from a cake, ice cream, or even the extract used in so much baking. Vanilla, however, is one of the most popular skincare ingredients. It is often added not only to add a pleasant and subtle fragrance to makeup. But also to allow that makeup to improve skin, even as it covers it up. Vanilla is rich in beneficial oils, vital vitamins, and minerals, and even has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a must-have when it comes to skincare ingredients.

Though vanilla is fairly ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it used to be very exotic. As a natural product of Mexico, it was once hard to obtain. Now, it is widely available and is a favorite in the skincare industry, where it is used for some different applications, for its many different benefits.

  • Vanilla is a great source of antioxidants. Studies have found that vanilla has an extraordinarily high level of antioxidants, which make it powerful for the skin. As we are exposed to sunlight, free radicals begin to develop and be introduced into our skin. These molecules are fast-moving and destructive, harming our skin from the inside out. The damage that free radicals can do is the underlying cause of most signs of aging. As they wound the under layers of skin, it manifests itself on the surface as wrinkles and fine lines. Vanilla protects the skin from this harm, by forming a barrier between the free radicals and the skin cells, stopping any further destruction that could be done.Vanilla Bean Essential Oils

  • In the past, vanilla was sometimes used as a treatment for skin infections. Today, it can be utilized as a treatment for acne. That majority of acne that we develop as a result of touching the face and depositing bacteria there. That bacteria then collects in the pores and mixes with the natural oils of the face, which then become trapped in the pore and infected. As a natural antibacterial agent, vanilla destroys bacteria and allows them to be washed out of the pores.

  • Vanilla’s greatest skin benefit is probably its ability to protect the skin, as well as reduce any inflammation that may be occurring. If you have sensitive skin or a chronic skin ailment, vanilla can help to soothe the irritation that is caused by these two skin conditions.