How to Manage Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a way to receive products on a regular basis. Over time, your needs may change, and they may require modifications to their subscriptions, such as adjusting the delivery schedule or updating payment information. This article will explain how the customer portal allows you to conveniently manage your subscriptions.

The Customer Portal

You can easily self-manage your subscription by accessing the customer portal. The customer portal can be accessed directly through a link without requiring a login or password. Customers do not need to create an account or deal with login issues and forgotten passwords. There are two ways to access the portal. One is to receive a direct link emailed to you by us. The other is to log into your account.

How it works:

Whenever a customer subscribes to a product, a corresponding widget is created in their customer portal. This widget contains all the necessary information about the subscription and allows customers to manage it at their convenience. Subscriptions in the customer portal are organized based on the delivery frequency and the date of purchase. If a customer subscribes to multiple products on the same date with the same delivery frequency, they will appear under a single subscription widget with the same subscription ID.


How to Access the Customer Portal

There are two ways for customers to access their customer portal:

  1. Direct link via email: When customers subscribe to one of your products, they will receive a subscription confirmation email that includes a link to their customer portal.
  2. Shopify account page: Customers can also access the customer portal from their account on your Shopify store. You can add the customer portal to your store account page from your Yotpo Subscriptions Store View page.

Please note: To ensure customer security, the link to the customer portal will expire after 6 hours. However, if the link expires, customers can request a new link to be sent to their email. Additionally, links related to payments are protected by two-factor authentication.

Viewing and managing subscriptions

Once customers access the customer portal, they will have various options to manage each subscription:

  • View subscription details: Customers can see the products they are subscribed to, the total price of their order (excluding shipping and taxes), and the delivery frequency and discount associated with the subscription.
  • Next charge date: Customers can view the date when they will be charged for the next subscription order. Please note that the charge date is the same as the order date.
  • Skip upcoming orders: Customers have the ability to skip their next scheduled order if needed, such as when they are away or have excess stock.
  • Remove a product: Customers can remove a specific product from their subscription if they no longer wish to receive it.
  • Swap product: Customers can replace an existing product in their subscription with a different product from your available subscription offerings.
  • Apply coupon code: Customers can enter a provided coupon code to enjoy a discount on their upcoming subscription orders./li>
  • Update shipping address: Customers can update their shipping address to receive their future orders at a new location.
  • Update payment information: Customers can change the credit card associated with their subscription for automatic billing.
  • Cancel subscription: Customers have the option to cancel their subscription on their own. Upon cancellation, they will receive an email notification confirming the cancellation.