Airless Bottles

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Silver Airless Bottles

Our DIY airless bottles help keep contaminants and bacteria out of your homemade formulations. Generally, finger bacteria is the number one cause of a product becoming contaminated.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing. Help keep your organic skincare formulations airtight for a longer-lasting product. They are a must for anyone who likes to make their own skincare. Airless bottles use an airless system with a stem, so no tubes. The pumps use a pressure system that lifts the product from the bottom. Further, they are made to perform well with liquids, thick creams, and everything in between.

Our bottles come in a 1-ounce (30ml) bottle with a silver collar, lid, and base. The body is clear—the 1 oz. size is specially made to work with all types of formulas, from thin liquids to thick moisturizers. Our .5-ounce (15ml) airless bottle is a miniature version of the 1 oz. The base and cap are also silver, and the body is clear. They work best in a variety of formulations, from thin serums to thick creams.

Our blue glass jars come in a .5 oz size and include a dropper bottle with a tamper-evident lid. Glass bottles function best with liquids to thin creams. The blue-colored glass protects your formulations from light.

7 Advantages of Using Airless Bottles for Your Skincare Creations

  1. Protection from Oxidation: Airless bottles are designed to prevent air from entering the container, safeguarding sensitive ingredients like vitamins C and E from oxidation. This feature ensures that your DIY skincare products retain their effectiveness from the first to the last drop.

  2. Extended Shelf Life: By reducing the exposure to air, airless packaging extends the shelf life of your products. This is particularly beneficial for natural formulations that are prone to spoilage, as it helps to maintain their freshness and potency over time.

  3. Enhanced Hygiene: The unique dispensing mechanism of airless bottles means that there's no need for fingers to dip into the product, reducing the risk of contamination by bacteria or other microorganisms. This keeps your serums, creams, and lotions pure and hygienic with each use.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're packaging thick creams or fluid serums, airless bottles can handle a wide range of consistencies. Their pump technology ensures even the thickest of formulas can be dispensed with ease, without the need for shaking or squeezing.

  5. Waste Reduction: The design of airless bottles allows for nearly complete evacuation of the product, meaning you can get more out of every bottle. This minimizes waste, as you won't be left with unreachable products at the bottom of your bottles.

  6. Travel-Friendly: Airless bottles are less likely to leak compared to traditional containers with screw-top lids or flip caps. Their secure sealing makes them ideal for travel, ensuring your homemade skincare products arrive at your destination just as they left home.

  7. Uniform Dispensing and Dosing: Each pump from an airless bottle delivers a consistent amount of product, which aids in applying the right amount of your skincare routine and ensures that your product lasts as long as intended. This controlled dosing not only contributes to consistent application but also helps in budgeting your skincare formulations effectively.

With these benefits, airless bottles offer a practical, efficient, and sophisticated packaging solution for your homemade skincare formulas, ensuring that your efforts in creating bespoke products are well-preserved and utilized to their full potential.