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The Truth About LED Light TherapyLight Therapy for Skin Conditions

It harnesses the power of light to improve the appearance of your skin. Light therapy uses wavelengths of light to encourage regeneration with new energy. These wavelengths can penetrate deep into the skin with stunning results. Red LED light therapy is anti-aging. It stimulates the production of collagen—the blue light remedies acne-causing bacteria. As a result, your complexion and overall tone are improved. Light therapy is an excellent replacement for expensive and dangerous surgery and laser treatments. Our red and blue light treatments can now be used at home to help achieve even, healthy, smooth skin.

How It Works: Fighting Acne

Blue light is emitted into the skin at 430nm. They penetrate below the surface of the skin, where bacteria lurk. Blue Light gets rid of bacteria. It is best to use the LED light twice daily when fighting breakouts. Bacteria reproduce every 12 hours. Blue light therapy is a long-time favorite of dermatologists because it works!

How It Works: Anti-Aging

At 632nm, red light travels into the under-layers of skin, stimulating cells to produce more collagen. Red light fights the signs of aging. When more collagen is produced, your skin returns to the healthy glow you once had as a youth. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish, and skin appears plumper.

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