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Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Lotion Making Supplies

Embark on a bespoke skincare journey with our extensive array of lotion-making supplies! We take pride in offering a curated selection of high-quality ingredients and tools to bring your skincare creations to life. Our collection features durable airless bottles that ensure your lotions maintain their potency by preventing exposure to air.

Dive into the world of anti-aging marvels with our premium peptides formulated to turn back the hands of time on your skin. For those who enjoy the pure and potent benefits of nature, our essential oils provide the therapeutic aromas and benefits that only Mother Nature can offer.

If you're new to lotion crafting or simply looking for convenience, our kits are meticulously assembled with everything you need to start immediately, making the process seamless and enjoyable. We also understand the importance of product integrity, which is why we supply a variety of trusted preservatives to keep your lotions safe and effective. Lastly, our selection of powders allows for innovative texture and benefit combinations to meet all your skincare needs.

From hobbyists to professional formulators, our supplies are designed to inspire and facilitate your lotion-making endeavors.

DIY Lotion-Making Supplies

  • airless bottles
  • anti-aging peptides
  • bulk bases
  • essential oils
  • kits
  • preservatives
  • powders

Including anti-aging peptides, essential oils, antioxidant extracts, all-natural non-synthetic preservatives, and airless bottles. Skin Perfection has the right ingredients you will need, whether adding an anti-aging peptide to your serum for an added boost or creating custom formulas.

Serum Booster Peptides and Extracts

Our Serum Booster collection offers a variety of anti-aging peptides. We also carry natural preservatives to protect your creations. To find what you need, click on the category below.

The Top 5 Benefits of Making Skincare Yourself

Creating your own skincare with lotion-making supplies offers several compelling benefits:

  1. Customization: Tailor formulations to meet specific skin needs and preferences, such as scent, texture, and active ingredients.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Making your own products can be more economical over time, allowing you to use high-quality ingredients without the premium price tags of commercial brands.

  3. Control Over Ingredients: Avoid allergens, irritants, or harmful chemicals often found in store-bought products, opting for more natural and organic ingredients.

  4. Freshness: Create small batches to ensure your skincare products are always fresh and potent, maximizing the effectiveness of active ingredients.

  5. Fun and Satisfaction: Enjoy the creative process of crafting your own skincare items, which can be a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby.

Visit our new formulary for more information, videos, and recipes on making your own cosmetics.

Are you trying to find the right peptides? Use our handy chart to determine which ones will work for you.