Liquid Collagen

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Collagen, Soluble Liquid

Support your dermal matrix fibers for more resilient complexions!
Boost your skin's collagen for a plumped, resilient, wrinkle-free, and youthful-looking complexion.
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Manufacturer: Skin Perfection

Product Description


Effective Topical Collagen is available in soluble or vegetable liquid form.

Toxin Free * Lead-Free * Paraben-Free

Collagen keeps our skin plumped, wrinkle-free, and youthful-looking. Unfortunately, with age, the stores of collagen in our body are depleted and become cross-linked. Therefore, it is essential to replenish collagen stores that support the underlying facial structures that promote healthy skin.
With matrix support, a firm, resilient complexion is obtainable. Strong collagen fibers are vital for skin that is elastic and springs back into place instead of sagging.
Improve the integrity of your skin today! Enrich your DIY serums with a boost of liquid collagen.

Are you looking for a vegan form of collagen? Our Liquid Collagen comes in a soluble form. Currently, we are out of stock for the vegetable form.

How to Use

For use in topical serums. Add the desired amount to your product or new formulation at room temperature. A step-by-step instruction guide is included with your order.


INCI: Soluble Collagen.
Recommended Usage Rate: 0.5% - 2%
Appearance: Clear to Hazy Viscous Liquid
Origin: Marine Protein
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Scent: None
Properties: Moisturizing, Skin Conditioning, Hydrating, Film-forming
INCI: Vegetable Collagen.
Recommended Usage Rate: 1% - 10%
Appearance: Thin, Clear Liquid
Origin: Plant
Scent: None
PH: 3.5-5.0
Properties: Moisturizing, Skin Conditioning, Hydrating, Film-forming
Product Instructions are included with your order.

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Ask a Question
  • Can this be used with Syn-Coll?

    Yes, the Liquid Collagen can be used with Syn-Coll and other peptides to enhance your serums with targeted peptides.

  • Do you have a question about this product? Ask it here and it will be answered.

    The Liquid Collagen from vegetables is naturally-derived and is vegan.

  • Is this water-based or oil-based? I want to add to my body oil treatment. If not this serum, can any of your booster be added to an oil treatment?

    The Liquid Soluble Collagen is water-based. Water-based ingredients can not be added to oil bases without an emulsifier. Any Serum Booster that is oil-based can be added to oil treatment. Teprenone is an oil-based Serum Booster. 

    For a quick and easy serum, use our Aloe Vera Gel Base. You can add your treatment oil to the base, blend, then add in any water-based peptides. 

    You can also use this recipe to make a moisturizer with our Regenerating Lotion Base.

  • Liquid Collagen vs. Syn-Coll? Soluble or Vegetable? I use other boosters in my regiment and have used syn-coll. But ran into this one - What is the difference between these two options?

    Liquid Soluble Collagen is a film-forming ingredient derived from marine protein. The Vegetable version is vegan, derived from plants. 
    Syn-Coll is a peptide that is not film-forming. Syn-Coll is our recommendation. It is easier to formulate with because it is not film-forming. Plus, it typically provides the fastest results.