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Leucidal Complete

Accepted on the Whole Foods Premium Preservative List
Leucidal® Complete is the first all-natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial to keep your formulations free of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and mold.

Sale Price: $12.95

Manufacturer: Active Micro Technologies

What it Does

Leucidal® Complete Broad-Spectrum Anti-Microbial

The best all-natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial alternative to synthetic preservatives.

Now available in three sizes! .5 oz. Glass dropper bottle, 4 oz. or 16 oz. White mini-jug!

Finally, an all-natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial that protects against bacteria, yeast, and mold! Leucidal® Complete is the first of its kind to provide effective protection from antimicrobial peptide ferments.

Now you can have complete protection for water-based formulas as well as oil-based. Leucidal® Complete incorporates easily into your formulations at room temperature. If you have used Leucidal® Liquid, you are going to love the complete version!

Leucida®l Liquid is a ferment of lactic acid bacteria (leuconostoc kimchii); then, another antimicrobial is obtained from fermenting Cocos nucifera (Coconut) with Lactobacillus. The result, a revolutionary natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial without synthetic ingredients.

These two compounds combine forces for their exceptional protection against bacteria, yeast, and mold.


Leucidal® Complete is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial with anti-bacterial properties that can safely and efficiently prolong the shelf life of natural and organic cosmetics and skincare products.

Add a 2-4% concentration of Leucidal® Complete to your DIY cosmetic and skincare formulations. Blend until well mixed. Leucidal Complete may be hazy. To reduce haze, bring to room temperature. Leucidal Complete protects from bacteria, yeast, and mold, but formulas should be safety tested. For oil-based formulas, try Leucidal Liquid. Use Leucidal Max for an all-natural preservative alternative with Lactobacillus. When finished, store in the fridge.

Warnings:For external use only. Leucidal® Complete is approved for use with organic cosmetics and is not used for foods or beverages. Do not ingest.

Sample Recipes:

Do you love making your own products? Check out some of our DIY formulas for anti-aging oils, serums, scrubs, and more. You can add Leucidal® Complete to any of these and keep it fresh and free of bacteria, yeast, and mold for quite some time.

Want to add Leucidal® Complete to an existing skincare product to keep it fresh longer? Just follow our directions for adding a serum booster. It’s the same simple process!

Leucidal® Complete, a natural antimicrobial, today to get more life out of your organic skincare products!

Recommended Usage Rate:2 to 4%
Appearance:Cloudy to clear liquid
Solubility: Water-soluble
Stability: Heat stable up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit or 70 degrees Celsius.

Vegan Compliant
Formulated without these allergens: Eggs, Corn, Fish, Lactose, Milk, Palm Oil, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soybeans, Tree Nuts, and Wheat.

Store at room temperature. Place in the refrigerator upon arrival for long-term storage.

Our .5 ounce blue glass dropper bottle will make approximately 750ml or 25 ounces at a 2% concentration.
When used at a 4% concentration, the Leucidal® Complete will make approximately 375ml or a 12.5-ounce batch.

The 4-ounce size would make 200 ounces with a 2% concentration. At a 4% concentration, it would make approximately a 100-ounce batch.

The 16-ounce white jug is large enough to make about 800 ounces with a 2% concentration. At a 4% concentration, it would make approximately a 400-ounce batch.

Leucidal® is a trademark of Active Micro Technologies.

Warnings: For external use only. Leucidal® Complete is approved for use with organic cosmetics and is not used for foods or beverages. This is not for consumption. For more information on formulating, view our formulating guide

INCI: Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate & Lactobacillus & Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract.

Coconut ferment radish root ferment

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  • The drop-down menu for 4 oz says $16 and when I click on it it changes to 24.95...why?

    The base price for the .5 ounce Leucidal Complete is $8.95. When you choose a larger, 4-ounce size, the price is an additional $16.00, for a total of $24.95. The shopping cart adds a larger size to the base price. This way, we can offer multiple sizes.

  • Does this have a scent?

    There is a very faint scent. It should not change the scent of your final product.