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The Power of Powders: Unleashing Potency in DIY Skincare

In the realm of homemade skincare, powder ingredients are the unsung heroes that can unleash remarkable potency and efficacy in your DIY formulations. Powders, ranging from active ingredients like vitamin C to natural clays and botanical extracts, offer a concentrated boost to any skincare creation.

Typically, incorporating a powder into your homemade concoction begins in phase A—the water phase—of your recipe. Here, water-soluble powders can dissolve with ease, ensuring an even distribution throughout your product.  But not all powders are created equal; some might need a helping hand to integrate seamlessly. This is where a bit of savvy comes into play.

Some powders dissolve so easily, like our GHK Copper Peptide, they can be added to a bulk base at the end of formulation without dissolving beforehand. Others may need a solvent.

Dissolving Powders In a Solvent

For those stubborn powders that resist dissolving, consider adding them towards the end of your formulation process. This can be particularly effective for exfoliants or ingredients meant to offer a specific texture to the final product. Before taking this step, however, a simple test can save you from unforeseen mishaps: Mix a small amount of powder with your base in a separate container to see if it dissolves readily or requires pre-dissolving in a compatible solvent.

By knowing the solubility and behavior of your powders, you can ensure a smooth, homogeneous mixture without any last-minute surprises.

Harness the full potential of powder ingredients, and elevate your homemade skincare with the precision and power they offer. Whether you're aiming for a potent serum or a nurturing mask, powders can be your pathway to truly personalized skincare.