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Chicory Root

What Is It? How Can It Benefit Your Face? You may already be familiar with chicory root as an herbal supplement. The roots and leaves of the chicory plant are often taken orally for their medicinal value to aid with ailments and symptoms such as loss of appetite, constipation, gallbladder and liver disorders, digestive problems, or rapid heart rate.

Chicory root’s powers don’t stop there, though. It's a potent salve for relieving swollen or inflamed skin. Thanks to its calming and collagen-stimulating powers, chicory root is an excellent addition to any moisturizer’s formula.

It is high in antioxidants, which can not only improve immune health when taken orally but which also help fight off the effects of toxins and free-radicals when applied topically. The benefits of antioxidants for your complexion have been proven over and over again.

What Is Chicory Root?

Recognizable by its bright blue flowers and woody appearance, Chicory (Cichorium Intybus) is a perennial herb. It’s grown and cultivated in some places all over the world, including its place of origin in the Mediterranean region of Europe, the southeastern United States (especially popular in Louisiana), Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

It’s most commonly known for its use as a coffee supplement or substitute, though, as we discussed earlier, it has many other applications, as well. As a powerhouse of antioxidants with potent anti-inflammatory properties, chicory root is known as something of a “miracle” herb and an unyielding natural plant.

The leaves of the chicory plant can be used in salads or crushed up with the roots to create a poultice to be applied topically. That’s why it makes such an excellent active ingredient for a nourishing facial moisturizer.

chickory root botanical flower

Why Is Chicory Root Beneficial for the Face?

Because chicory root is a natural inflammation reducer that is beneficial because it contains beta-carotene that helps increase our production of collagen. Collagen production increases the elasticity of your facial features and benefits to fill in lines and wrinkles, plump and hydrate cheeks, and create a more youthful look.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also an excellent ingredient for counteracting the effects of exposure to the toxins. Your face encounters free radicals from pollution in the air every day. No matter how often you cleanse your face, you’re still going to come in contact with these harmful elements.

You can combat them by using a moisturizer complete with chicory root and other protective agents. You’ll be able to maintain far healthier-looking, softer skin well into your years.

Who Should use Chicory Root?

When taken orally, chicory root is useful for anyone who has digestive problems or who have experienced loss of appetite due to illness (including cancer). The root is a mild laxative. It can be used as a natural substitute for coffee as it is caffeine-free. Or it can be added to coffee to counteract jitteriness from the caffeine content.

Chicory naturally contains inulin. When used topically, chicory root is useful for anyone who wants to look and feel younger. Mainly when used in a specially formulated anti-aging moisturizer, chicory root can help you achieve more beautiful, softer, younger-looking skin.

The only people who should not use chicory root to improve the appearance and feel of their skin are those rare individuals who have allergies to chicory. Are you looking for an ingredient that helps promote collagen, makes your face touchably soft while filling in fine lines, and plumping your cheeks?

If so, then chicory root is right for you. To feel the difference that chicory root can make, try our Ageless Moisturizer today.


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