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Restore and Soothe With Peppermint

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Peppermint used in Beauty Products.Scientific Name: {Mentha piperita}
Common Name: {M. Balsamea Wild, peppermint}

We have long used peppermint tea for its restorative and therapeutic benefits. And further enjoyed in cookies, cake, and candy around the holidays, but did you know it is also excellent for skin?

The same anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for the inside of the body make it the perfect addition to any lotion, cream, or makeup product.

Peppermint oil can boost its skin benefits when added to another product, making it more effective, while simultaneously providing profound benefits for the body.

Applying peppermint oil to the skin delivers vital nutrients and antioxidants, but it can also help open up the respiratory system. If you have a cold, peppermint can brighten dull skin and help break up the infection. Just a dab on your cheeks will restore the appearance of a healthy glow and counteract the congestion in your respiratory system.

Peppermint is also a natural antiseptic and antiviral. This means that it is ideal for fighting both acne and irritation in the skin.

Some anti-acne products will help eliminate the pimples and increase the redness and irritation in the skin, as they often contain caustic chemicals designed to strip the oil away from your face.

Peppermint works at the acne source, the bacteria, to clean the skin without stripping away the protective oils that keep the skin healthy and clear. Similarly, applying peppermint to the face can relax the skin.

Peppermint Contains Menthol

The menthol in peppermint helps skin retain its natural moisture. This allows the face's surface not to become greasy-looking throughout the day. In addition, it helps to maintain an even and matte texture.

Plus, it helps keep pores clear. Finally, it provides nutrients that the face desperately needs to remain healthy.

Peppermint is often added to lipsticks and glosses to give a plumping effect to lips. Peppermint can plump the appearance of lips by increasing blood flow to the application area. However, when it is applied to the skin, most women experience a tingling sensation.

This brings more blood to the area making your lip balm more effective for plumping.

In the lips, it gives them a fuller, plumper look. On the rest of the face, this effect gives skin the appearance of a healthy glow without irritation or aggressive products. In addition, when added to makeup, it can improve the skin's appearance underneath the makeup, making it even more effective.

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