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Collection: Salts

Relax with all-natural bath salts! Lavender Bath Salts

Sit back and relax. It's time for a nice relaxing soak in the tub. There is nothing better than to find some "me time" in a nice relaxing soak after a long day.

Enhance this relaxation time with our wonderfully scented bath salts.

Take some time for yourself; you know you deserve it. Whether you had a rough day or need a moment of "me time" to relax, our bath salts can help.

Pour a bit of the salt into your running bath water, and you will be amazed at the aroma and serenity they create. Their powerful, calming aroma will have you relaxing and feeling great in no time.

Bath salts not only help to enhance the overall feeling of relaxation and calmness, but they can also provide significant benefits for your skin. This is because our bath salts contain only the best natural ingredients to help your skin feel super soft and amazingly smooth.

The salts dissolve into the water, contributing to rejuvenating dull, dead skin. In addition, the oils penetrate the skin for a silky smooth feeling.

Bath salts were created with the idea of helping your relaxation time be even better than it already is. Our salts are specially scented to revitalize the mind and refresh the body with their relaxing aroma and moisturizing properties.

Your mind, body, and skin will all feel great after a soak in the tub with our incredible scented bath salts.