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Regular Ordering Hours:
Monday through Friday
10 am to 3 pm Mountain Standard Time.

We are closed on all Holidays and close at noon on Eve's.

Summertime (June through August) Ordering Hours:
Monday through Thursday
10 am to 3 pm Mountain Standard Time.

Mailing Address:

Skin Perfection Natural and Organic Skin Care
2208 E Summersweet Drive #170811
Boise, Idaho 83717

Warehouse - not open to the public
1034 E Park Blvd #101
Boise, ID 83712

Product Questions?

To help serve our customs better, you can now go to each product page and ask your question! Your question may have already been asked and answered. If not, type in the question and one of our staff will answer your question asap. For DIY formulating questions, adding serum boosters, and all other questions about making your own skincare, please follow the same procedure.

If you prefer, you can also email us at [email protected].

Need help with your skincare routine?

If you would like assistance in located the perfect product for you, please visit our FAQ pages or take our quiz to find products that will work for your skin type. Or if you would like to talk to a skincare specialist, please email us at [email protected]. Include your name, skin type, any specific skincare concerns you may have, and what your skincare goals are. A specialist will respond within 24 hours.

For Phone Orders:

For expedited service, place your order online and pay by phone! Just put your order in the cart, go through the simple one-page checkout, and then click the phone order. No payment is necessary at the time your order is placed. One of our customer service representatives will call you within 24 hours to finish the order over the phone. An email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as your order is shipped along with your tracking number.

For Mail Orders:

Just place your order online, send in your payment, and we will mail out your order within 24 hours of receipt. Start by placing your order in the cart, go through the simple one-page checkout, and then click mail order. Follow the instructions by mailing the payment to us. As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation plus tracking information.

For Customer Service:

To speak to a live person, you can call 1-855-537-3639. Because of the personalized support that we offer our customers and high call volumes, wait times can reach 45-60 minutes. If you receive a recording, please leave a message and a representative will call you in the order received.