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The Beginner's Guide to Making Lash and Brow Serums

The Beginners Guide to Making a Eyelash and Eyebrow Follicle Enhancing Serum

Easy Peasy Guide to Making Your Very Own Eyelash & Eyebrow Booster Serum!

Hey there! Ready to make your eyelashes and eyebrows look like they're from a fairy tale? This guide is for you! Imagine it's like making a magical potion, but instead of turning into a frog, you'll have amazing-looking lashes and brows! 🌟 

Beginners Guide Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum Recipe


  1. Love Them Lashes Brow Serum Base - Think of it as the main magic potion.
  2. Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (M-17) - This is like a superhero ingredient for your lashes.
  3. Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16 (M-16) - Another superhero friend for M-17 to make your lashes look even more fabulous.

You'll Need: 🛍️

  1. Glass bowl (like the ones you use for mixing cake batter)
  2. Funnel (if you have one, it's okay if you don't!)
  3. Ziplock bag (yep, the one from your kitchen)
  4. The cute blue dropper bottles to store your magic potion

Instructions: 📝

  1. Preparing the Potion Base: Pour the Love Them Lashes Brow Serum Base into the glass bowl.

  2. Adding the Superheroes:

    • If you're just using M-17 (10% Concentration): Add 22.5 drops to your base for super-strong lashes and brows.
    • If you're teaming up M-17 with M-16 (5%concentration of each peptide for a total of 10% peptides): Add 11.25 drops of each to your base. They're better together, like peanut butter and jelly!
  3. Mix It Up: Stir everything until they're best friends. You'll know they're well mixed when the potion looks even all around.

  4. Packing the Potion:

    • Take the clear vial and stand it upright on the table.
    • Remove the lid and the little black thingy inside (that's called a stopper). The stopper in the vial serves to regulate the amount of serum dispensed, ensuring precision with every application. Additionally, it helps maintain the serum's integrity by minimizing exposure to air and contaminants.
    • Using your funnel (or our Ziplock trick), pour the potion inside the bottle. Pro Trick: Pour your serum into a Ziplock bag and seal it shut. Push the serum towards one corner, creating a small pouch. Snip off the very tip of that corner, creating a makeshift spout. Carefully squeeze the bag, using the cut corner to funnel the serum smoothly into your vials.
    • Put the black stopper back, then screw on the lid. Ta-da!

How to Use Your Follicle Enhances Lash and Brow Serum

For Lashes:

  • Use the brush tip (it looks like a mini paintbrush).
  • Paint a thin line right above where your lashes grow, like you're applying eyeliner. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes!

For Brows:

  • Use the wand (it looks like the one from your mascara).
  • Brush it onto your eyebrows like you're coloring them in.

Use it every day, and in no time, you'll have eyelashes and eyebrows that make even the fairies jealous!

Extra Tips: 🌈

  1. These potions are special, so keep them in the fridge after you make them.
  2. They're good to use for a whole year after you open them.
  3. Remember: This potion is for external use only. So, don't eat or drink it, okay? 😜

5 Benefits of Using a Lash and Brow Serum

  • Promotes Growth: Regular use can encourage your eyelashes and eyebrows to grow longer, helping fill in sparse areas and give a fuller appearance.

  • Strengthens Hair: Quality serums can fortify the hairs, making them less prone to breakage and falling out, ensuring a thicker lash and brow line.

  • Nourishes and Hydrates: Infused with essential nutrients, serums can provide the lashes and brows with the hydration they need, making them appear more vibrant and luscious.

  • Natural Look: Unlike makeup, which provides a temporary illusion, serums naturally enhance the health of lashes and brows, making them naturally stand out.

  • Protects from Accelerated Aging: Many serums contain antioxidants and other ingredients that protect your eyelashes and eyebrows from environmental exposure, like pollutants. 🌟

The 5 Best Ingredients to Use in Your Eyebrow or Eyelash Serum

  1. Peptides (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Hexapeptide-16): These are proteins that help rejuvenate and boost hair growth, making lashes and brows look fuller.

  2. Biotin: Known as the hair growth vitamin, biotin can strengthen hair and promote its growth, making it a key ingredient for thicker lashes and brows.

  3. Keratin: This protein is the main component of hair. By replenishing keratin, the lashes and brows can become stronger and less prone to breakage.

  4. Arginine: An amino acid that improves blood flow to the hair follicles, helping to nourish and stimulate growth.

  5. Botanical Extracts: Ingredients like green tea, chamomile, and saw palmetto can provide nourishment, antioxidants, and other benefits that promote healthy lash and brow growth. 🍃

Pro Tips for Instantly Fuller and Thicker Lashes and Brows

Tattoo Micro Eyebrow Tinting Wand or Pen

Pro Tip: Using a micro eyebrow tinting pen mimics the appearance of natural hairs, filling in any gaps or sparse areas in your brows.
Benefit: Provides a long-lasting, smudge-proof, and natural look. It's like having a semi-permanent brow pencil on, which can save you makeup application time every morning.

Volumizing Tubing Mascara

Pro Tip: Tubing mascaras coat your lashes with flexible polymers that literally create tubes around each lash.
Benefit: They add significant volume and length without smudging or flaking throughout the day. Plus, they're easily removed with warm water, reducing the potential damage from scrubbing off traditional mascaras.


Pro Tip: Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique where a professional manually inserts pigment into the upper layers of the skin to give the impression of fuller brows.
Benefit: Offers a natural-looking fill for sparse brows that can last up to 3 years. It's a perfect solution for those who want to cut down their daily makeup routine and have consistently flawless eyebrows.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Pro Tip: Tinting is a process where your eyelashes and eyebrows are dyed to make them look darker.
Benefit: Especially great for those with light-colored lashes or brows, tinting can make them appear naturally thicker and more pronounced without the need for daily makeup application. The effect usually lasts for a few weeks until the hairs naturally fall out and are replaced.

Lash Lift

Pro Tip: Think of this as a perm for your lashes. A lash lift curls your eyelashes upwards, and when combined with an eyelash tint, can make your lashes appear longer and fuller.
Benefit: Your eyes will appear more open, and your lashes will look more dramatic without the need for lash curlers or mascara. The results typically last 6-8 weeks, making it a great option for a low-maintenance beauty routine.

Each of these techniques can enhance the natural beauty of your lashes and brows, making them stand out and framing your face in a flattering manner. Remember, always consult with a professional before undergoing procedures like microblading or tinting to ensure the best results. ✨

That's it! You're now a certified potion master! Go flaunt those fabulous lashes and brows and let the world see your magic! 🌟👀🌟