Red and Blue LED Light Therapy Plus Microcurrent

Led light therapy and micro-current

LED Light Therapy plus Microcurrent

Are you ready to love your skin again? Leading dermatologists have been using LED light therapy plus microcurrent in their practices for years, and now you can use the same cutting-edge technology in the comfort of your home. No more time-consuming and costly trips to the spa!

Our Derma Rescue costs less than just one treatment at a med spa! Derma Rescue is an innovative 3-in-1 facial toning system with LED light therapy plus microcurrent is extremely useful in improving the skin's elasticity, so your face visibly looks and feels firmer. You will love the collagen-building benefits of plumper skin with red light therapy.

If you are struggling with adult acne or you suffer from hormonal breakouts, then the Blue light therapy is for you! In clinical tests, the blue interchangeable head improves skin clarity by destroying the p. Acne bacteria. And if that's not enough, tell gravity to take a hike with our microcurrent and return your skin's firmness to its original place.

Gentle waves penetrate your facial features, improving elasticity. Bringing needed energy and life back to areas of the face that have begun to sag. Lift your cheeks, jowls, and droopy areas today.

Collagen boosting
Acne clearing
Facial Toning
No downtime
No side effects

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to own your own Derma Rescue LED light therapy plus microcurrent is available at an incredible price for a limited time only!