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Syn Tacks Instant lift peptide
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little green leaf Syn-Tacks

This amazing peptide provides a moisture surge for healthy, younger-looking skin while firming!
Syn-Tacks® firms and tightens sagging skin while improving the skin's hydration, level, reducing the visible appearance of fine lines wrinkles. Defy aging with a firmer-looking, more youthful appearance.


Price: $19.95
Manufacturer: Pentapharm Switzerland


Syn-Tacks Serum Booster

Recommended usage rate 1%.

Syn-Tacks comes in a .5 FL. Oz. Blue Glass Dropper Bottle.

Syn®-Tacks is made up of a combination of three incredibly effective anti-aging peptides (diaminobutylhydroxytheronine palmitoyl dipeptide-6, palmitoyl dipeptide-5, and diaminolydroxybutrate). They work together to bring you the youngest, most beautiful complexion you’ve seen in years. The peptides improve hydration and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Want to give your face a lift without surgery or injections? Have a skincare product you like but could use a little more “oomph”? Just a 1% concentration of Syn-Tacks in any serum, lotion, or cream can give it a serious age-defying boost. Plus, when you purchase pure Syn-Tacks, you can quickly add it to almost any homemade anti-wrinkle remedy.

Are you ready to watch your existing wrinkles fade away into smooth, touchably soft skin? Want to keep your skin soft and plump while you prevent wrinkles from forming in the future? Buy a bottle of Syn-Tacks today and add it to your favorite existing product or an all-new homemade skincare recipe. You’ll see visible improvements in your face in no time!


If you’ve noticed lines and wrinkles creeping in around your mouth, nose, eyes, and brow, Syn-Tacks is the peptide combo for you. It’s made up of all of the right ingredients to boost your anti-aging skincare regimen and give you better results fast.

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Hydration
  • Expression lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tightening

How to Use:

We recommend a 1% concentration of Syn-Tacks in any existing or homemade skincare product that you want to boost. Once you've added a few drops of Syn-Tacks to your lotion, cream, or serum, store the dropper bottle in the refrigerator. The blue tint of the glass container protects the contents from light damage, and the cold temperature in the fridge keeps it fresh and potent for the next time you need to use it.

Also Found In:

Syn-Tacks is so effective that boutique brands and major skincare brands alike use it for some of the most potent (and expensive) products on the market. Some of the products

  • GlyMed Plus Age Management Retinol Restart Rejuvenation Serum
  • Your Best Face Define Lip Cream
  • Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Neck Cream

These products start at $70 and go up from there, but you don’t have to pay top dollar to get world-class skincare. You can add a few drops of Syn-Tacks to a much less expensive serum, lotion, or cream (or make your own for an, even more, cost-effective solution). You'll love knowing the concentration of Syn Tacks that you used. And visibly seeing that you have an effective formula that will do amazing things for your skin.

Sample Recipes:

When you open your medicine cabinet, do you see rows and rows of lotions, creams, and serums that don't quite do the job you’d like them to? Throwing them out would be wasteful, but they don't help you as much as they could. What can you do? You can add Syn Tacks! Find out how to make your own home remedies to reduce wrinkles by adding Syn Tacks (or any serum booster) with our video tutorials.

And, if you want to have a little bit more fun, you can make your own facial serums and lotions at home, too. Add Syn Tacks to our Supercharged Anti-Aging Serum to make it even more effective than it already is. This video tutorial includes a full recipe and instructions, as well as a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Order a bottle of Syn Tacks today and find out how fun, easy, and effective DIY skincare can be!


Recommended Usage Rate: 1%
Appearance: Clear liquid
Solubility: Water soluble

Place in the refrigerator upon arrival.

Syn®-Tacks is an anti-aging peptide used for making cosmetics and is not intended to be applied directly on the skin.
Syn®-Tacks is similar to Matrixyl 3000, but in addition to helping your skin look younger, it lifts and tightens. You can substitute it in place of Matrixyl 3000. For more help with locating peptides that are right for you, see our anti-aging peptide chart.


INCI: Glycerin (and) Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyloyl Hydroxythreonine (and) Palmitoyl Dipeptide-6 Diaminohydroxybutyrate.

Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyloyl Hydroxythreonine improves the dermal-epidermal junction and promotes firmer, healthier skin.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by nicky
nicky bought "Syn-Tacks" on our website
08/30/2019 - 09:15:13 AM
Syn Tacks
This booster does a great job of smoothing and helps my skin look younger.


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